Cleaning solar panel canopy

Hi everyone. I recently received an job request to clean solar panel canopy. I have never done it personally and am just wondering if anybody had? How did you do it? Here is the description of the job. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you

We are requesting a quote for solar panel cleaning services for a solar carport installation at the Port. The canopy is approximately 180’ x 140’ (~20,000 SF) and stands 17 - 24’ overhead. The structure is accessible from public roadways. Wastewater discharge from cleaning services to onsite stormwater drainage, if any, is prohibited.

If there’s no wiggle room with this , it’s going to be a nightmare . Also you might have to rent a scissor lift

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I am going to go check out the site tomorrow. I want to see how far the drainage is from the canopies. I was thinking if I wfp, the water coming down the canopies is not really going to go very far before it dries up.
I also foresee that having a proper water source will be a potential problem. I will have to get additional hose just for this job. It does sound like a potential nightmare already, but it’s such a big project.
Thank you for mentioning renting a scissor lift thought. That was a great idea

I think it’s more about educating the client , you’re not going to be cleaning them with a chemical . You’re going to be using pure water , it’s just like rain water

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exactly my thoughts. it’s H2O and the dirt/poop/debri from the panels. Wash it and watch it dry. there may be some excess visible dirt after but…

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So did you end up getting the project done? How did it go?