Cleaning Tint. What can be used?

We don’t have a lot of tint here but today did a job and we had some glueish residue that obviously cannot be scraped off. What does everyone use to safely clean window tint?

I’ve used Krud Kutter to remove tape residue and other stuff from window tint and haven’t experienced a problem. Recommend a test area first. Now for regular cleaning, greasy fingerprints and such try TSP. One to two tablespoons in three gallons of water, a little dawn if you like. WOW!!!

Good Point Chip…

[SIZE=“6”][B][COLOR=“red”]WOW…[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [B][SIZE=“6”][COLOR=“red”] OoooH Yeah ![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

Dangerous…TSP, TSP, TSP…

Wheres does one find Krudd Kutter?

Krud kutter

Home Depot.

Good info i’ll have to try that.

Thanks for the tip. Where can I find Krud Kutter? Online or a local store?

Oops there the answer. Thanks Larry!

The owner of the janitorial supply store turned me on to this stuff. It is non-toxic, low voc and environmentally friendly.

Bi-O-Kleen Soy Solvent

Vashon Island Window Cleaning