Cleaning tire shine off concrete driveway

What is the best way to clean tire shine off of a concrete driveway? I’ve tried simple green, I’ve tried purple power, full strength. I wet the drive, applied full strenght for 10 minutes 1 time and an hour the next time. Did not work. I know this is not the 1st time this has come up.

Mandarin magic. Degreaser?

Wow, I didn’t know it was that powerful. Just tire shine the entire driveway… or tear it all out and pour a new one.

I’d just guess a degreaser of some kind. Maybe oven cleaner? Maybe [MENTION=507]Henry[/MENTION] might know how to break it down.

[B][SIZE=4]Hi guys,

Check out the MSDS for this product. Here is the link.

You will see it is based on D Limonene. You can read about this on the Wik at Limonene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you want some of this stuff PURE go to this company in Florida. (New) Synonymous with Citrus By-Products d-Limonene dlimonene Orange Terpenes Orange Oil Folded Oils Natural Distillates Extracts

It is probably one of the most powerful green degreasers around.