Cleaning Windows Around Neon Signs

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Luke you need to use a 24” squeegee an 22” strip.
I tell all store fronts we only clean them when needed. I’m the judge of when needed also.
I havnt broke a neon in quit some time.
The other day one was waiting for me. Just moved it An pop.
Thank god it was a bud light an they replace them for the store owner. Got a way with one there.
20 plus years An I’ve broke about 4 neons. It’s going to happen
So the less you move hem the less chance you have of breaking them.

The bar type are the worst. If therr small no prob

Good job , An great video !!

An yes I agree if you jace to… Charge them good if you do them every time. I don’t do time every time only when needed.


Long time man! Hope all has been well. Yes you’re probably right and accidents absolutely will and do happen. I would still have to hold either end of that thing but less passes. Great advice .

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Nice video, You did a great job.