Cleaning windows the pure water way...what order do you go?

I am kind of wondering what the best way to do an entire residential with a WFP system is, as far as the order of things to do. Here is what I have been doing [U]without[/U] a WFP…

I typically start by removing the screens and clean the windows inside. While cleaning the inside windows, I clean the tracks and sills. I then clean the screens outside and finally clean the outside glass.

Is this the system you follow with a WFP too? Thanks.

95% of the time the exact same way.

Is there a wait time after you wash the outside before you put screens back in? I am just thinking about double hung windows. Sometimes after cleaning, when you raise the window, all of the sudden you have a drip running down the middle of the glass. Obviously with pure water, you have a lot more water getting thrown around. I am kind of thinking out loud here I guess.

Sorry we also do the first floor nose to glass. I like the kitchen and living room looking real good and a few of them will need scraped. Gives the water extra time to dry. Yea sometimes on that last window you did you might have a drip but its a quick fix.

Good tip is to do the windows in the shade first and the ones in the sun last.

Also it could just be me but i swear pure water drys faster.

I do things a little different, I always take out the screens then start on the WFP outside. That way while inside you can see if you need to touch something up or hit something again before you load up your equipment. But hey, what ever works :smiley:

My wife does the insides while I do the outs. She removes the screens a does a quick brushing of the sills to get most of the loose garbage off.

Interesting I was just about to ask the same question.

I have done 6 houses now with my WFP and DI set up (got it all set up about a week ago).

I like to do all the top windows I can access without having to move my di tank around too much. Usually this means 2 out of the 4 sides of the house, I do the top windows and frames. I then have a smoke and survey the rest and get a game plan kinda while the top windows finish dripping on the lower windows.

I will then do the lower windows. Then relocate my tank and hoses and do the same on the other 2 sides of the house. This time while waiting for the top windows and frames to finish dripping, I do the porch windows and front door windows using a squeegee and scrubber as I don’t like flooding their front step with my WFP. I then go back and do the lower windows.

Exterior’s done. Now I go inside and just wing it, usually do the whole first floor first then second floor ect. If I notice I do have dirty drips on the exterior (usually caused by spraying water above the window onto the siding and then dripping) I will touch it up after.

Just my 2 cents,

Would love to hear more peoples routines as any time saved is $

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How many feet of supply hose do you have?

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I have 100ft of ****ty garden hose (looking to get new hose) running from the customers water connection to my DI tank and then 50ft of 1/4" air hose running from DI tank to WFP.

So I guess I would have 50ft of supply hose. I should probably increase that eh.

Just thinking out loud here but maybe I should have 25feet of hose from faucet to DI tank and then 175 feet of air hose going to WFP which would give me 3x the amount of supply hose.

Thank you for opening my eyes!

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When it comes to air hose, I’m not sure about what brands are good or if it really even matters. I love hitting the swap-meets and I’ve been seeing new air hose for sell lately, 50ft of off-brand for $15. But I always pass because I don’t want to have it start breaking apart on me.

Anybody have any favorite brands?

I park the truck, hook up 100ft garden hose or if customers is close enough ill use that…I have about 400ft of 5/16 hose from my di tank with a carbon filter…

I do the outside first, that way if something needs fixing I can see it…

… That’s pretty much how I do it too although with the WFP I will usually do the screens after the windows so that the windows have more time to dry before the screens go back on. When it’s going to be a hot day sometimes I’ll start outside so I can be inside when it gets hotter. I like to start on the inside mainly because my customers are usually home and I like to connect with them right off. I feel they like that too. Most of that happens while I set up and start to clean, but sometimes I just stand and talk a bit. It’s all about the relationship to me as I don’t want to be just “a guy cleaning windows”. So it’s more important to me to build that relationship than get in and out to make my money.


Get a hose reel and more air hose. Our hose reels have 300 ft on them, 99% of the time we park it and dont move it until we are done.


Do you remove the screens from the inside first or get your ladder out and remove from the outside? Putting the screens back on do you do it from the outside or bring them back inside?

I want to start wfp more residences but trying to figure out the most efficent way of screen removal and replacement. Doesn’t make much sense to me if I still need to use a ladder.

I was thinking of this order mainly for the second floor

  1. Greet homeowner go inside pop all the screens
  2. Clean screens so they can dry
  3. WFP exterior
    4.Bring screens inside
  4. Clean insides reinstall upstairs screens at the same time

Pretty much what I do; I may clean screens after WFP’ing the exterior, and not bring them back in until after fully cleaning the interior to ensure they are completely dry.

I always pop screens and brush and vac tracks first, whether using WFP or traditional methods.