Cleaning windows with the screens still on?

So I just had an interesting interaction with some older (60s or 70s) folks. They asked my to come give a quote on their house, the husband kept saying that if I could “give us a heckofa deal” then they’d use my services. Those words didn’t sound to good to me, sounded like some cheap price hunters to me, but then when I asked about whether I’d be removing the screens (I offer this service to older people) they both looked at each other and then informed that “well, the other guy gets em with the screens still on and gets em clean, and those screens on the sunroom don’t come off, so we can’t use you, I’m afraid”. I was more than happy to pass on a $100 dollar job from these people, but I’m curious what kind of equipment this guy is using that he thinks he can do a good job without contacting the window! Maybe one of those hose Windex spray attachment things? Also wondering why they were calling me if they already had a guy… :thinking: Anyway, just thought it was an interesting experience that I’d share in case anyone else found it entertaining. :smiley:

The other guy … I get tired of hearing about this other guy :joy:. I’m not the other guy !! this is my price , An this is how I do it . Don’t care what the other guy charged , don’t care how he did it.
The other guy this , An the other guy that lol . Why am I here ?
It’s one of 2 reasons , either the other guy f something up , or ya can’t get in touch with him , why , Becasue he’s not around anymore , or he realized he did you for nothing , An wants no part of you anymore.
A friend of mine told me a great story today. He sent out an email for a house wash , An the lady sent him back an email saying , “do you know anyone that. Would do this for 200 dollars” ?
His reply “ Why are you willing to roll the dice with your most valued asset “ ?

Got an email request for an estimate , I called he didn’t answer I left my cell phone number he sent me a text .

BTW. The house was huge

LoL … Ya good luck with the guy who does this house for under 250.00. I think I handled it professionally. I could of went many places with a guy like this , but took deep breathes an just kept it short an sweet.


Well you don’t always have to take screens out. I always take them out unless they are too buggered up to remove without destroying them, which I have also done from time to time. On many horizontal sliding windows and single / double hung, the sliding section is removable. I have done whole homes this way…doing all the stationary (non-screen) side first from the outside, then doing the insides and removing the the sliding half to do the outside of it. Of course not all windows are designed that way and in some cases the house settled or they sill is too built up too high to remove the slider. There are also some guys who say they can clean windows well with wfp, through the screen. I am so doubtful of that I won’t even experiment with it.


Yes, but this certainly describes a level of service worth more than $100 :laughing:

@ibprofen98, you dodged a bullet, lol

If you’re charging to clean the whole window - tracks & all, then it can be figured into the estimate. Definitely more work - inside work at that. Much prefer exterior work generally myself. Many newer sliding windows have tracks that can be removed if you take the movable side out. Easier and quicker at times to do it that way, imho, and it allows you to do a better job. Usually an insert at the top of the window that has to be removed.

I would never clean a window through a screen myself. Seems to me some screens can leave deposits on glass in the first place so even pure water would become impure before it hit the glass. Maybe some screens are worse than others and water fed poles can work through them but I’d always take the screens off or take the window out. I have actually seen some crappy windows over the years where you have to take the window out just to get the screen out.

Not sure if you mean the screens don’t come out or you are trying to “open” the window and clean them that way (In/Out from the outside).

I have run into jobs where you can’t remove the bottom screens on a window. I wet my wand and push into the screen to contact and “clean” the window-- and then rinse with a hose. Obviously, I tell the customer before the situation and usually they say “It’s fine, I can’t see out of them anyway with the blinds” or something like that. I tell them it won’t be 100 percent due to the screens in the way, and that’s that. I’d rather not force a screen and risk breaking it over a 18x14 inch window that nobody can see out of.