Clear vinyl panels

We did a sun room today that had a clear vinyl set in a frame as the window panel. There were 4 panels to an opening. We just use a wet rag to scrub (lightly) and then dry w/ a huck. I told the homeowner up front I couldn’t get any paint, silicone, or hard water stains off because of the fragile nature of the panels.
Any of you folks come across these panels? Any chemicals you are using w/ success to deal w/ the difficult debris issues?

I’ve been asked to clean panels such as the ones you describe after someone else scratched them using only a sponge and cloth. The homeowner stated that the other party cleaned them while they were in direct sunlight.

I could do nothing for the scratches, but used a hogs hair and regular solution to wash and DI to rinse while the panels were shaded.

Were your panels removable Larry? I should add that these are not plexi or Lexan but a thin membrane similar to a thickended saran wrap.

Larry you may be able to use Novus #1 plastic clean & shine from SRP to remove the scratches.

Thanks - these were more of a heavy film, rather than a solid (as Tony describes further on a subsequent post.)

Same here – stretched over a heavy aluminum frame, where it was fastened with screening spline.

The panels were similar to storm windows, and attached with movable clips (6 to 8 as I recall.)

I added verbage to my standard waiver prior to cleaning these panels. I used my standard screen cleaning workstation.

Thanks Larry! We’re seeing more and more sun rooms set up this way. It’s a trend I’d like to see go away. Although we are charging $8 per panel because most guys won’t mess w/ them.

There is a company here in town, Minocqua, WI, that specializes in these vinyl windows. They are turning screen porches into three season porches. Very popular product in our area so I run into them quite often. I use the vinyl cleaner and polish put out by Star Maid. Use both products because, 1) streaking is minimized with the polish, 2) they will be easier to clean next time if you use polish this time. Both chems are expensive; $20.00 per 32 oz. bottle ready to use. I can by it by the case special order at $11.00 per 32 oz bottle. Use only microfiber towels. Frames typically hold four pannel that are easily removed. Outside screens are not removable so vinyl pannels have to be pulled to clean both side of vinyl and screens. Bid high, as to get them really clean and polished takes some time. Spray with cleaner, hand wipe. Flip, same to other side. Flip. Spray rag with polish, polish vinyl. Flip, repeat. I usually charge $12.00/4 pannel section and will be going to $15.00 next time I run into a set. If you know you are going to be cleaning a set, bring a lawn chair. Take a set out and set the pannels by your chair. Cleaners and rags on the opposite side. Rest the pannels on the arms of the chair while you work. You’ll save your shoulders big time, tough your customer may think your work a bit too cushy. But think about it. If you have ten sets that 40 pannels you’ll be doing by hand. It’s a lot of work.


I cleaned them upon my standard screen workstation.

I charged $24-32/ set of 4. Since you are doing a more involved cleaning then I would say you could double your price w/ no problem. Especially if you are one of the only guys around doing it.