Clearview clean screen DIY

Has anyone tried this rig?

Says he sell plans for it or already built.

Im looking for a more thorough way to clean screens.

Ive been using a strip washer with lots o soap and DIY attachment for my shop vac to draw off the soap and dry them.
this has worked well on most screens but in the last couple of weeks Ive had some super dirty ones that didn’t come up completely clean

couldn’t include link to you tube vid because my post count is too low, sorry

There’s a guy on this forum that makes a screen cleaner and everybody raves about it. I’m pretty sure u can buy them thru WCR. Shout out JaredAl.

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I bought the plans and built it. It’s not too bad. I would buy the Aztec one though. I am thinking of buying it.

Robbie Hanson
A Glass Act Window Cleaning
Henderson, NV

I have the ipc eagle. Lots of people like the Aztec. They arent a perfect solution but certainly save a ton of time. If the frames are bad they need still need to be wiped down. Although Ive been using a 15% solution of bleach as a prespray if they are bad and then run them through the screen cleaner with good results.

we use speedy screen, Saves us about 15 to 30 minutes per home, makes screens look like new. each screen takes about 30 seconds to clean. Spray it on and wipe it off with a dry strip washer or towel. check them out at

Do you charge extra to use it or is the time savings enough to use.

Robbie Hanson
A Glass Act Window Cleaning
Henderson, NV

we include regular screens for free. the time it saves us is HUGE. look at how your cleaning screens now. We used to wash them by hand. collect all the acreens, bring them to a central screen washing station, hose them down soap and scrub up the front and back rinse them down set them aside and then when they dry they are still dirty so you have to do it again and again. out here it the desert the dust bonds to screens like a paste. so after were done washing the screens and wait for them to dry now you have to go back and figurte out where all the screens go. With speedy screen we pop off the screen clean the screen right in front of the window , wash the window and pop the screen back in. We up charge for enclosed payios, sun screens, roller shades, security doors and entryway enclosures. on average I would say we net $700 or more off of a 1 gallon concentrate with the up charges. I had a house today with 9 large sun screens $90 and they had me do 2 patio rollers shades at $50 per roller shade. So an additional $190 and the careen cleaning added about 30 to 40 minutes of time. I used 2 spray bottles to clean all the screens so about $15 to $20 in speedy screen vs probably 2 hours or more of soaping and scrubbing. plus on enclosed patios and rollers shades I don’t have to move any furniture that would get wet when rinsing them down with the hose. we LOVE speedy screen and will never be without it.

What spray bottle do you use and do you use a dry strip washer or a towel?

Robbie Hanson
A Glass Act Window Cleaning
Henderson, NV

we started off with the red top sprayers u get at ace. They spray the finest mist. but when you drop them on pavement with a full bottle the spray head breaks off so we switched to the stihl sprayers and got the fan tips they recommend and haven’t had any problems with them. they hold a lot more and the fan tip makes cleaning the screens even faster. We carry 2 bobs on our belts one for a wet strip washer and one for a dry strip washer to clean the screens. a dry strip washer is a lot faster and easier than carring around another towel if you search speedy screen inc on you tube you can see some videos of how its done with a strip washer.

Ditto on all Doc has to say on Speedy Screen. we love the stuff huge time saver and makes us a lot of money on cleaning sun screens

Hmmmm Speedy Screen,
I like the sounds of that… Does it work as well as a screen washer?
Or maybe I could use it as my standard cleaning method and upsell the screen washer as a “deep clean”.

Thanks for the ideas guys!

Yeah, if you want to try out a screen washer, you can definitely use his plans. Just build it like he made it because if you try to do a vertical one, it won’t clean very good. I built my original washer out of pvc and it cost me about $100 in parts (2 broom heads and a bunch of pvc pipe and fittings). It only lasted about 6 months.

I’m probably going try the speedy screen for screened in porches where the screens can’t be removed without removing a bajillion screws. Oh fyi, I was not impressed with screen magic - sounds like speedy screen works better.

But part of my service is the screen wash. We get so much dirt built up here it’s crazy not to mention cobwebs and bird poop. That’s the reason I built my washer was to get that stuff off. That and a lingering worry about the hanta virus which is really scary (you breathe in contaminated dust and then you’re dead 3 days later).

So, I guess I’m biased but I like the washer because not only does it get the screens and frames clean, I put on a good show for the neighbors when I’m cleaning in the front yard.

Oh, and one construction cleans, it rocks.

Proper usage of speedy screen completely cleans screens. You could offer the screen washer as an up sell. However I ask you what is your time worth. My time is generally worth about $100 an hour give or take a little. Ask yourself how long it will take to deep clean the screens with the screen washer from start to finish. That’s from setting up the screen washer to taking off the screens to putting them back up and dismantling and packing up hose and screen washer. Look at the time and see if your making your hourly rate when deep cleaning. I’m guessing on an average house for me deep screen cleaning would add about an hour. I don’t see any of my clients paying me an additional $100 to clean their screens. Also if you offer another meathod for cleaning screens it might offer the option that your standard meathod of cleaning is unsatisfactory. I like things that work and make us go fast. Speedy screen has cut on average 30 minutes off our screen cleaning time per home times 8 homes per day that’s an extra 4 hours that allows us to make other money. I look at everything in seconds and minutes when it comes to window cleaning. If you can save 30 seconds per window per side times 50 pieces of glass that’s 50 minutes. 50 MINUTES. That’s huge. By just saving 30 seconds on each piece of glass.

Doc, where did you purchase the fan tips from? Im trying to find them on ebay…

look up b&g sprayer multeejet tip assembly seller is American pest supply you also need to buy a brass 3/8"x1/4" hex bushing to hook it up home depot has for a couple bucks


have a feeling it is just like SCREEN MAGIC but with a different name ! After 2+ years of not using it … It has still left a dusty oily film on the windows.If your using a WFP dont forget to bring your bucket of soap n water with a strip washer ! You might as well just clean them traditional !
Doc i remember a while ago you raved about SCREEN MAGIC … So what is your take on this now ? I do not clean as much as i use to now that i have been building ro/di systems for a over seas company but i did keep some of my great clients. Just curious about this new screen cleaning formula that is out.

I did rave about screen magic and I still think its a good product. The price of speedy screen is a lot less and I seems like it has better results. I also havent found that it makes glass hydrophobic. Bottom line it saves us a ton of time, increases profits an my clients love the results

i use my reach it mini and pure water works great, charge extra, yum