Climbing out the window like a burglar

Just curious how many of us climb out windows in order to clean the outsides.

I recall the first time (after I just started window cleaning on the side) I had a customer with a 3rd story window that could not be accessed by a pole, and at the time I did not have a ladder that could reach it- neither by climbing a ladder or by using a pole AND a ladder. My immediate solution was to just go inside and climb out the window.

Over the years I have obviously gained plenty of experience (and suitable ladders) and yet, I still find myself on occasion climbing right out of the window. Now, normally I always do outsides first so I can check my work once I go inside, however there are times when I do insides first (rarely) and I find myself just climbing right out the window (like the old days) and doing the windows that are accessible from that spot while I’m already there.

I know some folks prefer to do insides first, so I’m curious- how often do you just climb out the window (obviously when its safe to do so)?

Sometimes it can save a lot of time by being able to knock-out an entire side of windows on a house instead of using the ladder to get up on that side of the roof.

I sometimes feel odd climbing out a window, and usually because I do outsides first- I don’t bother. But it does come in handy on occasion.

I’ll reach out sometimes but I can only think of once where I actually climbed out a residential window. I can still remember it because I realized that my socks would slip around my feet, there’s no grip at all without shoes. Now I wear in door runners inside a house so it’s still not an option going outside with them.

Yep. some windows we climb out to do the outside. Saves a ton of time pulling ladders off and set up. usually we can just lean out and clean the outside and then pop the slider window to clean the outside

Only with an assistant around. Closed one behind me once and couldn’t get the effer back open from the outside. I probably would STILL be on that roof if my cell wasn’t in my pocket lol

On occasions we do climb out but we always protect the windowsill to the bottom of the wall with a softtarp so we prevent any wall damage.

I’ll simply remove my shoe covers when going outside.

Here’s where a 2-to-4 foot ladder assists by bringing one up to the sill’s level when stepping out.

Yeah I wear the disposable shoe covers and can easily slip them off and on. Also, I carry a simple “fold up” kitchen type step stool in the vehicle for certain ocasions and this comes in very handy for climbing out windows as I do not have to actually touch the wall or window sill at all.

I never thought about being locked out before- I guess the next time I climb out a window I will pay special attention to how the window locking mechanism works. That would seriously suck and be very embarrassing to get myself locked out on a roof. Haha- I can just see it now;)

Embarassing aint it! I had a screen fall into the slider track and had to yell for the owner. He was old (and I was obviously upstairs) I’m glad he heard me. I always keep a straight screwdriver in case I need it to pry a double hung up.

We’ll climb out whenever expedient.

One thing that is real popular around here is Alumawood Patio covers. I think they are melted down beer cans stuck together with bailing wire and bubble gum. So, we can’t walk on them and can’t get a ladder up to the window. So, on those occasions, we will pull in a window then get the fixed window from the sill.

There’s suction cups with handles used for high rise. Theyre only good to hold 125 lbs but having something to hold on from the outside makes me a lot more comfortable. Hope that helps.