Clorox tsp soap mix for powdercoated aluminium frames and gutters

Is this a good idea? do you have a recipie?

I just stumbled across your post and since no one answered I’ll throw in my input, for what it’s worth.

We recently had a customer call us for this exact reason. All of his powder coated aluminum frames were showing their age and he wanted them cleaned. We agreed on an hourly rate because we had no idea what we were getting into. Long story short the tsp solution worked well but had to be remade too often. We ended up with this system that seemed to work the best/fastest.

  1. Wipe the frame with a wet rag.
  2. Use SoftScrub on a regular kitchen sponge and scrub away.
  3. Wipe the chalky/soapy residue with the wet rag again until the residue is gone.
  4. Use a dry rag to wipe it again. This also tells you if you’ve removed all of the residue.

Hope this helps. And be warned, its messy and arduous and we spent a lot of time on this job, but we ended up making over a grand on it so there’s that.

Never did study or experiment with powder coated aluminum surfaces. I would just advise staying with a close to neutral synthetic detergent. (nothing acidic or alkaline) Stay away from bleach. And watch your rinse water. Make sure it isn’t hard so it would leave spots.