Closing down for the winter

I’ve cleaned windows with three companies in three states for three years. This year is my first year on my own and I’m doing pretty good for myself. I’m planning on completely shutting down operations in January and February and resuming again March 1st. How realistic is it to be able to completely close down for the winter? I’m planning on just setting up a voicemail greeting that says something along the lines of we’re closed from Jan 1st and will be resuming operations March 1st. I’m planning to be out of the country. (The other companies I worked for didn’t close in the winter, but had significantly less work and I would just go travel the world) Does anybody else do this?

Yes, I close up shop in the winter.

Depends on where you live. This past January was as busy as any other month last year.

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I would take the phone with you to answer calls. People like to talk to a live person…I always had my wife answer the phone when I would tour Europe for 6 weeks with my band.

Always good to do some construction clean up in the winter

From 2014 - 2018 we closed up completely for the winter. This past winter we stayed somewhat “open” just to see how much would come in.

We hit our goal, but we do twice as much revenue per week during the busy season as we did all winter.

Is it worth staying open? Yeah, sure, I guess. Breaks the monotony a little bit, but definitely don’t rely on residential work carrying you through til spring. Save your duckets early.

Do what ? Close down and Travel The World. Yes, I believe most us on here do that…

Sounds like a great aspiration, but no I have not done that yet.

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I’m single and don’t have a family so its easy for me to travel for months on end every year. I meant close up shop, most people don’t travel like I do haha.

Enough said , save up some money for winter . Let you clients know ahead of schedule , and put a nice voice mail message that you’re closed for winter . If they need to talk to you or schedule for spring they can email you at