CLR used before I got there

I am thinking I read something on the boards about this but I cant find it with any search.

My customer has used CLR on the water stains prior to my arrival.

So has he made my job harder or done permanent damage?

What did the customer use CLR on before you got there? was it glass or poly or metal. What does it look like now? it is still crusty or milky? Need more info before I can help…pics are a plus

CLR used on glass.

Yes glass is still white frosted/milky.

Will try to get some closeup pictures tomorrow when I do a test clean on one window

Figure after test clean I will know if I want the job or if I want to WALK AWAY!

The CLR probably didnt cause any damage, the original stains may have come back? Let us know snap some pictures, I would be interested in checking it out. Good Luck!

Are you sure it is glass? I had a homeowner use an acid on a polycarbonate window (plexi or lex) and it turned the window milky white and the pane was ruined. Be VERY, VERY careful when trying to fix someone’s messup…it could cost you. post up some pics

Before you test an area of the glass or touch it snap some pictures or video record it to see what it looked before you touched the glass.

No pictures, camera sat in front seat and batteries were dead when I went to use.

Tested window.

Got good results, but bottom line is that hazing still existed.

My gut said that sore shoulders, sore elbow, etc were not worth the trouble.

I turned down the job and walked away.

What did your test consist of?

Two schools of thought come to mind…

First, you made the right decision and avoided a situation where you bust your butt getting things cleared up as well as you can and then have to fight to get paid.

On the other hand, being the stubborn knucklehead I am, I would would have jumped in to clean it up to prove I am the best window cleaner in the world…and I would have spent a week’s wages trying as many products/techniques I could find. “Ain’t no window gonna beat me!!!” :wink:

You prolly made the smarter decision

what did you use for the stain removal. different stains differnt glass differnt stain removers we carry about 4 differnt ones. some work lickity split some take till the new year.

CC550 was applied generously 3 times then waited for 5 min, used razor blade to scrape. Washed with soap and water to neutralized CC550. Used razor blade again. Then I used generous amount of Bio-Clean to try to buff out remain haze.

The stains are nothing more than good old country dirt and lawn sprinklers spraying directly onto the windows DAILY followed with a generous baking by the Texas sun!