Coated Glass Products;.....should manufacturers develop them?

Coated glass is a special kind of animal. I just completed a three part series of articles on it for the AWC. Also did a video interview with the AWC on developing products for coated glass. It is out there. Actually glass coatings are driving the flat glass industry. Did you know that solar panels have an antireflective coating on the weather side (first surface)? What type of cleaner is safe for coated glass? What products can be used to safely and effectively remove hard water spots, paint, wood sealant, silane sealants, concrete, stucco, or just plain city pollution from coated surfaces? What of the different sealants out there like Nanovations NG1010;…will they chemically bond to coated glass for protection? Also do you think manufacturers could really make enough money from a product line focused on solving these problems?

You tell me!