Cold or hot water with softwash?

Looking at doing that 3 story building with either hot water or cold. Im wondering if it’s worth the expense to just purchase the hot water unit now.

Does anyone use x-jet w/ hot water?

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I occasionally use a hotsy for pressure washing. Hot water does clean some stains and surfaces better, but for the most part, a commercial grade washer can tackle most everything.

Usually when we do a power wash at a restaurant the first time I’ll just rent a hotsy. I’ve done a few 1 story buildings and some 2 story homes and cold works just fine.

The hot water/detergent combination works much better on built up grease/organic stains. In my area you can rent a hot water pressure washer for only a few bucks more. You should be able to find an entry level hot water pressure for around 12-1500, vs renting for around $75 for a full day.

Do you normally soft wash or regular pressure? Im going back and forth. I know a cold water will do the job fine this time but, you always gotta think about what your going to need in the future. Either way It would be good to have a solid cold water and hot water eventually.

I would be strapped if i put up that much for hot water machine also.

I’m not positive but I think you can run some Hot washers without the burner on and use it as a cold washer when needed.

Soft washing for the home surfaces and high pressure for other ‘hard’ surfaces. Even with a high pressure cleaning, most of the real power comes from the detergents and the amount of water output. (GPM). Anything over 4GPM and you should be fine for just about any job.

If your willing im looking to get some details right for a big job. I need a little 1 on 1. If you have the time i would like to pick a soft wash a softwash pros brain.

Cold water it is. Don’t really have the need for hot.