Cold Snap

How is everyone dealing with this recent Alberta clipper that has frozen most of Ontario?
Withe the exception of Monday, this week has dipped in my area down to -39C…during he warmest time of the day we have seen upwards of -27C with a -40 windchill. Needless to say it was not very pleasant working conditions!
thankfully there is light at the end of the tunnel…Saturday a high of -12 here yahoo!!!

Oh man its 8 degrees here… brrr

[B][/B]I [U]was[/U] bummed that I had no work until I walked outside and felt it! Whoa it sucks out there!

You must have sent some of that Canadian air down here in the Nashville area it was in the single numbers this morning then it got up to a high if 17 burr

We set record lows that stood since the 1930’s. The last 2 days the straight temp was -25F w/ the windchill down to about -40F. The irony is the temps in Alaska were 30-40F above. Crazy huh?

it’s a cold 60 here…HAHAHAHA!!!

Florida’s great :smiley:

My house was 132* DIIC last night

Convert that.


I think we have a problem with Global Cooling. Is it man made?

Al Gore invented it.

Hey Eric. I did some commercial Wed and Thursday this week and it was brutal but I survived.

I have a house to do this weekend in/out. I’ll probably pole the entire outside if possible. (mostly casements)

Funny thing is, my phone/e-mail has been going crazy the last few days with people needing quotes. I guess all my competition is hibernating. LOL :smiley:

-39 :eek:
Thats what I call commitment :cool:

that’s nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Look closer Matt he put a - in front of the 39!:stuck_out_tongue:

OH! yeah, I guess that’s cold :slight_smile:

Maybe Tone can make a video of some guy frozen solid outside in that kinda weather.

I could but it might appear insensitive.:eek:

Well then have your wife video you out in the cold freezing to death. :slight_smile:

Come on Tony you cant be a fair weather videographer. :slight_smile:

Who said I was fair?!:smiley: