Colder than a polar bears toenails - Best Gloves

So this morning I finished up a store front. It’s only 29° outside so not super cold, however, I’ve learned that my waterproof gloves are not very warm. This will bemy first winter cleaning. I felt like my fingers were falling off by the time I was finished. Which gloves so you use that are dry and warm. I’ll be ordering new ones today most likely. Thanks

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These 25-40 degrees:
Ironclad Cold Condition Safety Gloves

These below 25:
Ironclad Tundra Gloves |

29 isn’t very cold like you said so most neoprene gloves should work okay. Just keep your hands out of the water and you shouldn’t have any problem. Also, try a liner underneath for extra warmth.

I’ve found what ^ Adam said to be true as well.
Glacier Gloves have been very good for me. With them you just have to be very careful when you’re closing your extension pole (if that’s what you use) to not get them pinched and cut. Then water can get onto your hands.

I wear latex gloves every working day…

so i wear a normal pair of soft shell gloves over them (with a long cuff) and then a larger paid of latex gloves over them…

if it’s really cold then i will wear cotton gloves under the first pair of latex…

Ive had various gloves over the years that claim to be waterproof, but they are either a wet suit type material and not very dextrous and allow the cold thru or they are softer and warmer but eventually get wet.

It takes a bit of time to find the right gloves that you like to wear, like to work with and suit the job you do whilst keeping you dry and warm.

Heres a good place to to look for different gloves : Apparel and Accessories - Window Cleaning - Shop WCR

29 not to bad to work in, that is actual a pretty nice day during the winter.

neoprene gloves should work okay with a liner underneath for extra warmth.

Thank you all. I’m liking the neoprene with fleece liner. Sounds nice! I’ll be ordering a pair today

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