Collecting signatures / customer sign off

Hi everyone. I just wanted to get an idea of how many of you collect signatures as proof of work done or not, and if so how do you go about doing that?
Are you using pen and paper? A website or app?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


We had a sign-off sheet built into our work order form. Customers would sign off they were satisfied before we collected payment. I believe you can download a free copy of that work order here - Forms and Documents | WCR –

It might be called an Invoice or something like that.


For stores and restaurants we tell manager we’re done and leave.
We have a good rapport with all of them. On our invoice we have a section marked “VISUAL CONFIRM”. We have been doing it this way for many years. Never had a problem!

Jotform Account. Create a form with a signature field in on it.

Embed it on an easy to remember web page on your website.

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For route work/ commercial
Been using these since day one. It’s what all the company’s I worked for used, so I just followed suit. When I bough my route I had about 15 jobs that required signatures I got it down to about 6.
PIA , but it is what it is. I send them every month with there invoice.
I avoid having to use signatures at all cost. Never once with any of the work that I picked up have I used this slip . The less paper work the better.

I have a tablet and use Docusign. If it’s a new account it’s politely discussed upfront that a signature and payment is due upon completion of the job, so I only schedule the job when someone with the authority to sign and pay will be there.

Why a signature if a job is payed upon completion ??
Jobs like Nissan , BMW , Burger King , Wendy’s , ext are not paying upon completion ; so hence a signature to confirm work was completed.
Any work that is paid upon completion gets handed an invoice , they pay and sometimes they have me sign for proof of payment. Everyone has their own way of doing things I get it , but I don’t get the pay and sign thing on your end. Once you hand them the invoice/receipt that’s the proof they paid

You may have different experiences but I stopped invoicing. I couldn’t stand chasing down payments. And the irony, at least for me, was huge corporate clients were the worst. I turn down any job where I’m told to send an invoice after the job is complete.

My receivables are pretty good. I send out about 50-60 invoices a month.
You have to keep on top of it. Sometimes I’ll have Jan & Feb open and they send February.
Once I see that I print out January and write on it didn’t receive payment for this invoice and either email it or send it right out.
Most of the time it’s a mistake. They send it out , next step of they don’t acknowledge is a phone call if they don’t send it, I won’t service if 3 open invoices.
But I can’t run a route with trying to figure out when the person paying is there or not. I’m in that area on a certain day and your store is getting cleaned period. Who’s ever at that register is paying me. I make sure that they understand that. No way I’m playing find the owner. Been there done that.
I do have a couple accounts if the guy isn’t there I just double it up next time. He’s cool with that , and so am I. I hand him two invoices he pays two

It sounds like you have a fair amount of corporate accounts, which is something I’d actually like to get into and yes, then I’d have to invoice. I focus on small mom and pop storefronts. They’re relatively easy jobs, are not time consuming but yes, I do require that payment is made when I’m done. Invoicing small biz owners proved to be a disaster.

Mom and pops are usually cheap, but doesn’t mean you don’t clean them. No matter what your price is your price. Have a minimum and that’s that , but yes if I’m doing them once a month it’s clean and collect. Twice a month it’s collect first clean of the month.
If you want a good tight route you jace to accept the fact that some will have to be invoiced. Most all corporate always pays. They’re not out to get you. Just have to be on top of it. Send your invoice same time every month, and if you jace two open invoices and they pay Feb and not Jan get right on it. Don’t wait !!