Collection Agency Recommendations?

We have a few deadbeat storefront customers who don’t take paying their bills seriously. We’re tired of resubmitting invoices multiple times, leaving voicemails, and being blown off. Anyone have a name and phone number to a good collection agency you have used in the past? We have contacted a few but they seem to not be interested unless the outstanding debt is over a certain dollar amount. Thanks in advance.

They don’t want to waste their time with small bills so maybe it’s a clue as to which direction you may want to turn.

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Are you still servicing these locations? If you are, don’t plan on keeping them after you get a collector involved. That has the tendency to sour a relationship, :grimacing:

Personally, I would cease service until payment is made in full. If it’s a sizable amount in arrears, hire a family member to pester them constantly. Also, sometimes just the threat of “collections” will get a foot-dragger to snap out of it and pay up.

Then require payment upon completion, or prepayment moving forward.

Hire a local attorney. Most all of them will pursue debts for you.

It’s not a bad idea that any business owner have an attorney on retainer anyway. You never know when you might need one.

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The few agencies we contacted didn’t want to be bothered, but at my previous employment we used to send non-payers off to collections for as little as $40-$50. It’s just a matter of finding the right company who will work with us. Our biggest offender owes about $225 right now.

Sounds good but our biggest past due amount is only $225 so I imagine after the attorney takes his or her cut plus whatever retainer fees they, charge, we’ll end up losing even more money on the deal.

No we’re not servicing them anymore. Sent them a “final notice” a few weeks ago basically stating that we removed them from our service schedule due to non-payment and the next step will be sending them off to collections. Also mentioned even if they do pay up, we will require a credit card on file going forward but I’m pretty sure this place is barely keeping the lights on and window cleaning is the least of their concerns right now. Business is booming for us as we’re working 7 days/week from sunrise to sunset just to keep up. Don’t have time to remind grown adults to pay their bills over and over, so off to collections they go.

Guito it’s still alive and well if you know the right folks…:astonished: