College residence building

Hey there everyone, first post, long time reader.

ive been working residential for several years now bas as of recent, ive been given the opportunity to quote some larger commercial projects. Today I was contacted by a local college to clean the windows of the rez building
some specs:

over 525 suites (rooms)

roughly 2400 panes

average 4 floors
some sections of the building are 5

have access for lift or boom for 90% of job

do not own but can rent WFPS

do not have any high rise guys.

Exterior only

i havent a clue where to begin guys

i will admit this is the largest project our company will have taken on and we may be in over our heads - but thats how you grow, thats how you gain ground - we are ambitious and hopeful.

What does “rez” mean? In the southwest, it means “the reservation.” I got a lot of friends out on the rez.


Oh and welcome to the forum.

Have you used a wfp before? There is a learning curve. It also looks like the windows might be insert a little bit? Might need a goose neck but results might not be good.

How about a lift? They’re nice but not really time savers. Does your insurance cover over three stories?

Just spit balling glass alone 600 + 1200 + 1800 + 2400 comes out to 6000. That’s if wfp is easy access.

For a lift you’ll need to factor in lift time so maybe add another 800-1000 for that. Lift rental too unless they have one?

It looks like a good job depending on factors.

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Oh and harness off on that entry cover if you use wfp. Would be real easy to walk off the back of that while using the pole.

I know a guy who broke his back walking off something like that. He can’t work anymore.

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I was thinking 7500

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weve put in a quote for 7890, oddly enough, my crew has far more experience with boom lifts than wfps.

our margins are good enough that with the profit from this job we can begin looking at at full wfps set up


Nice, especially if you have experience on lifts. A lot of time people just think they’re time savers and how hard could it be?

ya thats true, until your 50 feet up and cant even fan a window anymore!

also, im sorry to hear of your friend and his injury. thats awful man

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Ya harness up that last step back into the abyss can be life changing, safety first.

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Job was sold for 7500 on the condition that this is a 5 year contract while price is subject to change due to inflation and wage increases (min wag is set to be 15 here in ontario by 2019)

thanks for your help guys

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