Color Of T-Shirts?

Appearance is absolutely key to coming off professional. I am going to be ordering shirts for a new company and have yet to choose logo colors or any of that.

White looks really nice but if your gutter cleaning and or pressure washing, it’s probably not your best choice for LEAVING the job looking professional.

That being said, what color and style of shirts do you guys use or think would represent the best image?

Yeah, White looks bad when dirty.

Royal Blue Beefy Tees here.

Royal Blue T’s & hats with white logo & print is what I have.

Yeah we use royal blue and red…

The good thing about white is it stays a lot cooler. If your working alone you could get white and swap out shirts once a day. Our power washers wear white ( so the bleach doesn’t affect them) and they carry a “door shirt” Something to through on when collecting bills, or chatting with a customer.

I also use royal blue (polo)

I have decided to change my color to something that nobody else uses (everyone uses blue except Fish it seems)

I do not like red as it is hard on the eyes when trying to read something. I have a color in mind (that I wont share until I do it- competitors :rolleyes:) and I am switching this year. I am actually pretty excited to do it.

I can’t imagine white. My blue shirts get trashed on certain jobs (not gutter cleaning either)

When I first started out I used the colors of my home state of New Mexico, yellow and red. I really liked the colors, especially the bright yellow shirts but it was always a hassle to try and use those colors on anything else.

Ultimately, we switched to blue and white because it was easy to make work. Now I am thinking of adding another color to spice things up.

every year I get a grip of colors some get the attention more than others. I don’t want my t’s only to be professional but to grab the attention of the lady walking her dog or the guy on the bike.

So far we get alot of questions when we wear

yellow shirts, black writing
orange shirts, black writing
lime green shirts, black writing

we also have

royal blue with black
Red with black

Polosare embrodered
Black shirt with yellow embroidery

I’m going to be incorporating some yellow shirts this year. Maybe a Kelly green and yellow combo polo w/ embroidery instead of screen print. I’ll still keep my T’s for CCU or dirty gutter jobs. But for resi I want to go a little more upscale.

I have the customary Royal Blue Tee and Polo’s. It has the same color as the logo and the logo looks really nice on the blue shirt.

However this past winter, I experiemented with some other colors. Not really for my guys, but more for me. I had some camo, some tan, some white, and a few black done. I refuse to use red…as Paul said, too hard on the eyes, not to mention you know whose colors are red.

We started with Navy Polos and Grey stiching and screenprinting. They look great, but eventually fade in the sun and they get soooo hot.

We’re now wearing dark khaki shorts, leather belts and Grey Polos with Navy lettering.

I wont wear T-shirts on a job, but that’s just me. 90% of my work comes from the members of the local country club and they probably rarely wear T-shirts either.

We have Hunter Green w/ White lettering. I agree the darker colors do get hot in the sun. That’s why we are considering grey with green lettering this year. Hopefully won’t get as dirty as white would.

Marl grey for summer & dark grey for winter (or real dirty jobs). Always keep spares in the van. I like the “door shirt” idea.

STEVE…side note: I love your mustache!!!

Royal Blue Polo

We use Royal Blue for cleaning windows
and i use white with silver lettering for meetings and quotes
the white polo with silver lettering looks really pro
but i agree white would get very dirty very quickly

All of my guys wear Red Polo’s every day with white lettering, and when I work with them I wear that also. When I’m out bidding, (which is most of the time), I wear a Black Polo with white lettering. The Black looks more professional.


Light Blue with print on the front and back.

A black shirt in Louisiana? Are you crazy, Charlie?;):smiley:

Maybe that’s why I’ve been having these delusions l
y :eek:

w n o m n
i d w a

I’ve been pondering what my colors will be, I have narrowed it down to baby blue or teal.

Joie N. CA

I use kelly green, here is a link to my shirts. Custom T-shirts - Design Your Own T-Shirts Online - Free Shipping!

I also have hoodies of the same design. If anyone is looking to buy some new shirts or hoodies give customink a try, I was more than impressed with their work and customer service. I did have one issue with my hoodies, they were suppose to be zip up but they sent me pull over instead. I called them right away and they offered me 30% off to keep the ones they sent which I did.

One other note and I need to stress this with caps :slight_smile:

DO NOT BUY from Shirt Magic.

They were my first attempt and luckily I decided just to order 1 test shirt to see if it turned out well. It was Horrible, none of my text looked anything like the website, it was all spaced weird and it look like it was done on a home computer printer or something. I tried to contact them several times via phone and email and never once got a response or even spoke to someone.
Sorry for the rant I just dont want someone to drop money on new shirts and get screwed.