Coming to the USA! NEW FaceLift Phoenix VanMount Systems


Thank you for the information. Would you guys be able to build the system as a 250 liter unit, incorporating ro/di, with 2 user capacity?

Unfortunately not, 350litre is our smallest, right now we only offer our 350 litre as a single pump option.

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The first of the of the Facelift Van Mount systems to hit our store. More to come…

Facelift Phoenix Van Mount 92 Gallon DI System

a 50 gallon one pump unit would be awesome

especially in a low profile for truck bed mount

can you hook up to garden hose and it will fill while working and shutoff when full?

or if hook up at home night before to fill is there an auto shutoff feature?

Yep. Auto shut off comes as standard.

You can fill whilst working or overnight, no problem.

Will fill from a standard tap.

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Just updated the rest of the new Facelift van mount systems into the WCR store.

Have a look.

Facelift Van Mount Purification Systems