Commercial Bid

I have opportunity to bid this property out for exterior cleaning. About 200 plates of glass, outsides only. Will need done after hours or on the weekend. Everything looks fairly accessible with the exception of the entry which I’ll need to ladder up to a eve to get on top to clean about 10 plates. I am bad about bidding these large sites. I always seem to underbid.

I bid commercial based on how much I want to make on it.

How much you wanna make on this?

I’d want to make at least 2 grand on this but that’ll probably be too high for them, oh well.

Between $1500-$2000 should have a decent shot to land it.

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I was thinkin about 1700$. I agree. I’d want to make about 2k. I’ll prob go with $2100 and see if they bite.

Thanks for your input!

I do lots of these types of buildings. $1900 plus tax. Easy money.

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I sent the bid at $2200. Will see what happens.

How much would you bid this, outside only?

Well I just got word they accepted the bid at about $2120 plus tax.


I’d probably come in at about $2250 for outsides only. If I have to do anything that requires some fall arrest/protection the price goes up. Will you use a lift to get the plates on to of that entry?

I got it for $3k plus tax.

Nah, ladder up & pray :pray:

NIce! Yah I will do the same on the awnings I have. I may have one of two I might tie a strap off too. I hate laddering those awnings, always kills me shoulders!

What size brush you run on those plates? I was thinking of having my helper do the top plates with wfp and I can trad the others.

I only got one brush the 18" tucker alpha one I believe, wider would be better.

That’s a good idea, give him the hard stuff :joy:

I did that before on a job and I was in the van smoking a cigar.

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I usually take my help out for burger and a beer. Haven’t had a good cigar in a minute…might have to throw one in.

How did this turn out?

Came out real nice. One solid night of work.

What do you do for commercial as far as payment goes?

Do you do net 30? Collect a deposit or just bill them for the full amount? Have them sign a contract / estimate?

What if they don’t pay?

Commercial is a pain in that getting paid takes a while and I find I gotta hunt them down to get paid.

If I had more residential work I could be purely 100% residential but commercial work doesn’t usually have screens which is nice so I don’t wanna cut it out completely.

Yah on the big jobs I usually send em out as a net30. I don’t have any contracts but I am about to work on that to have something that lays out all of my expectations for a job site.