Commercial CCU Bid Help?

What would you guys/gals be at on a price for this project I am bidding on. There are approximately 260 windows in the facility. I’m thinking $10/window. I’ve been doing residential at around $12. Bigger windows but not the paint and stain like a resi. Pretty sure no one else is bidding on them because I am the closest WC’r, insured, and just happened to be the only one in the entire state to have a website. And it’s about a 100 mile commute every day.

i can’t help with a number because there aren’t enough pics. but i can give you some advice, as i’ve done lots of ccu’s like this.

the inside frames will take awhile to clean, even if they don’t have paint on them. that’s a lot of surface to wipe down. on spandrel glass like that i often find that the frame cleaning takes longer than the glass cleaning. also, you’ll probably have to wipe the butyl seals with microfiber rags to get the grease off, otherwise it will be a nightmare on your squeegee rubber.

Supply & Demand dictates at least double

Mettler Maintenance WC

Any time I’ve worked a CCU on a large commercial property not only the glass needed cleaning, typically bronze wool as the glass is usually tempered and the razor is a no-no

So that extra scrubbing, sometimes cleaning glass two maybe three times, the occasional specks of paint that a 1" razor is perfect for and won’t do damage to the tempered glass.

I would make the price per window at least double and maybe a little extra for the frame/sill clean up.

That’s a lot of glass to do a CCU on, so by no means sell your services short. It looks like a lift rental might also have to taken into account in order to get the outside done properly

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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