Commercial competition? I think not

This month I’ve really decided to up my window cleaning business. When I say up I mean don’t just do it from time to time for extra cash. A few years ago I got out of the Army they messed up my pay, didn’t pay my travel allowance and oh yea forgot to pay my college while they were at it. So I went knocking on doors and businesses to clean the windows. The storefronts all seemed taken. I landed a few residential and made ends meet until everything got cleared up. Since I’m trying to create a decent cash flow with this business now I decided to expand my thinking away from storefronts. But fear , like always, told me don’t even try the bigger commercial properties because if the storefronts were taken then SURELY the bigger commercials were too. I’ve been driving around looking at buildings and writing down their names. Make a big list about 70 businesses per week and I begin cold calling. Just within these last 2 weeks I’ve landed 2 hospitals, a courthouse, and 13 banks. The moral of the story is this, don’t assume your competition is thinking outside the realms of bucket bob mentality.


That is inspirational!

Amen brother! Keep up the good work and getting new clients

That’s the way to do it. A lot of new guys wonder what’s the seceret to gaining these accounts. There is no seceret, ya gotta put in the work, and go after em.


Proof that Nike got it right with their slogan - “Just Do It.”


How’s it going? Still doing well with the accounts? What kind of script did you use when you were cold calling? Awesome post man very inspiring!

Its going strong. Clients that I cold called months and months ago have led me to their bigger sister buildings and locations which has led to a divisional contract.