Commercial exterior cleaning

A commercial client has requested to have their building ledges cleaned. These 2 sets of ledges that

go all the way around the building. Can these ledges be cleaned by the softwash method? There is roof access. Could the upper ledges be cleaned from the roof or is there another method? What would be an estimate of pricing? New to a job of this scope. I appreciate the feedback.

Yah, you can hit that with SH and lil surfactant. I’d prob go atleast 5% on it and use something that will cling good so you don’t have bunch of runoff. I’d price by how much time I would be on the job and how much I need to make a hour. Are you including windows into the price too? They will need cleaned or atleast rinsed well if using SH and soap on those ledges.

Thanks for your reply. How do you mix to a 5 percent and how do you add surfectant to the batch. And how long do i let this mix sit on the ledges? Do i rinse it off afterwards? And would it be better to apply the chemical from the roof or the ground?

50% water 50%pool shock
Elemonator 1oz per gallon

If you want to add something for more cling …
Either Roof snot or cling on would work.
Do you need it . you don’t if you keep the surface wet with mix while you get to your desired dwell time

Your going to need a lift for the top. And a roof pump for 5% mix which is a strong mix. Keep those Windows wet also. I see no bushes or trees in front , but I’d you have them around the sides or anywhere you side to keep alll that stuff wet or you kill it. With that sting of a mix.
Think about this job if your not experienced with this type of work pass on it. Find someone who is.