Commercial jobs that are essentially homes

Every now and again i run into, say, an insurance or realtor’s office, that is basically a house even though the whole building is an office. On those I’m always a bit sketchy on how to price it. Do i price it like commercial or do i price it as residential, or do i do a little of both? I recently did one that i priced kind of in between storefront and residential and i think it was a mistake because it took just as long as residential, so maybe this is one of those questions where the answer is in the question. Just interested in how you guys handle bidding that scenario.

I price them like houses


I agree, price like a house and explain it to the customer

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if they have screen, it’s just like residential

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Price it like houses.

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Price it as such.

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Even without a screen, a house turned into an office or business is priced as a house.