Commercial Needed To Survive

Our commercial accounts are for the most part in place to keep us alive in the off season. We are 100% Dead residential, In Jan, Feb, and March. Im assuming this is true for a good part of the country. I wish we could keep the residential rockin 12 months a year, unfortunately its just not possible.

Kind of just the opposite with us? You guys rock on comm accts year round we out here in cali rock on resi most of the year!

See… California’s looking more enticing everyday:D c-mon out here lets build that window cleaning empire;)

Im assuming you still seasonal dips though? Have you calculated how MUCH busier you are in the peak periods?

Oh…i’d have to say parts of Oct can be alittle slow & the typical winter months after the holidays but…nothing to terrible! As far as % of the busier season probably in the neighborhood of 35 to 50%

Then again…sky’s the limit if your properly staffed it could be off the charts!

Really it depends on what type of clientele you seek?

For me it’s slow in the last half of July thru August and then the last week of December to the end of March. If it weren’t for my commercial accounts I’d have a tough winter.

Because we are so far north here, we try to offer incentives (price reductions) to our high rise accounts to allow us to do inside work in Jan & Feb. We would rather give the work away than have to send employees home.

Chris, with the 3 dead months do you lay employees off?

I have the same deal but I do 85% commercial (mainly high rise ) 15% residential. My off season is Jan-feb-2 wks of Mar where I might work a total of I week during the entire time.

It would be nice to make $ during this time but this works well as it is total family time vacations etc. usually when a break from washing is needed. Plan ahead it works out.

Yeah we unfortunately lay mostly every one off. We have 5 commercial routes that still go out daily though. The seasonality of this business really wreaks havoc… I would like to be all commercial one day.

that would take advertising…

CFP, I actually like the down time I have and could choose to advertise to get work to fill this slow time.

I work 9-10 months of the year and basically take the winters off (somewhat). I really enjoy the time off and am financial able to do this so for me it is by choice not to sell work for the winter season.

So for now this is my plan, I do intend for this to change in years to come as I already have a business plan on expanding into a larger scale when the time fits.

Sometimes I forget how anal I am. I like to keep pushing until I reach that place I have set as a goal.

I am not going to kill myself for 20 years, but I will for 2 or 3 in order to achieve my goal.

Taking a few months off would be and will be great.

We are slow here from mid January till the first week of March. I too, enjoy the time off to get caught up on all of the things that got put on the back burner throughout the year. My guys go on lay off status unless we get a call to do something then they get called in to help. It gives me time to get all of those marketing ideas ready for the upcoming year ahead (fliers, postcards, new business cards etc) Vehicle maintenance, shop organization, office organization are also at the top of my list. I have thought about building commercial storefront routes but its not that compelling to me really. It would just get in the way of my residentials the rest part of the year. The key is to budget and you will be fine.


I have not gotten any calls this month but for today. Today was a good $750 day. I had only 3 jobs last month but 2 of them were good for money. Well good as a new guy can get. I’m looking to at some point in the future take off for the 3 months completly. I am soling concentrating 80% of my efforts to the retirement communites. It allows me to plan easier, houses are cookie cutter. If I land my goal in the next 4 years, which I dont see why I wont if this year was any indication of how business can go. It will totally be possible for me. If I really went crazy I can see the business pulling in 7 figures gross in a 9 to 10 month fiscal year. That’s why I want nothing to do with store front. I don’t want the schedule requirement of a monthly with them. I will take on the mid-rise now that I the WFP and if I had my choice would take 100 of those jobs over any other. But they are hard to come by. I think my best option is the stick with the niche who are known for being extremely loyal once they have your trust.

Are you taking your cues from the Rich Dad Poor Dad books? If so. Great books eh. It totally changed my views of building a business completely. I’m also thinking of building up my financial intelligence as well.

mikep>> who is the author if Rich Dad, Poor Dad?

Robert T. Kiyosaki

Don’t rush out and buy the book. Since posting, I have read some disturbing allegations about him, and the claims he makes. His books made some good points, that are true. But I’m uneasy about reading any more of his books.

Perhaps, someone could put my trepidation to rest

I am a one man band - with help.
my business started in October - I have door to door sales experience so I used it.
I a domestic customer has not seen a window cleaner for 2 or 3 years (like is often the case) they will have a clean. Direct sales give a controlled response pattern, instant income and loyal customers.
What could be better?

Mr. Robinson hitting those lottery numbers.

Or pant size - although Brennon’s pants ain’t doing it for me.