Commercial price help quick!

i would really appreciate help from some that have been involved in large commercial bids.
i have been invited to tender on industrial properties and this is totally new for me.

there are 40 properties 6x per year outsides only
they are in industrial parks so travel is worthwhile, no isolated jobs.
the largest has
243 second storey panes
47 middle height pane
243 ground level

the smallest has 30 ground level

i plan to do wfp but 2 of the cleaning are winter so that may not be possible.


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yes plenty of cheese, what i’m looking for is some help with guidelines the pictures give a pretty good example of the range of buildings including the highest and the easiest.
so i’m figuring around a dollar a pane for low and 3-5 for high.

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Personally, I think the first floor might be more tedious than the second.

  • Reaching, stretching, maybe poling, tall panes.

Second floor looks like straight/easy pulls.

It’s weird to see you here this early J!

Ken your pricing look about average. Those pricing will put you into the mix of competitors, make sure to show the “advantages” of using you in your bid.

Good luck Ken!

We do lots of buildings like those but not as often. So you may need to consider the frequency. You will want to do most of the work when no one is around so cars are not in the way. You will need a tank based system and bring your own water. It will save you lots of time just driving the vehicle around the building instead of looking for water hook ups and dragging heavy hose. Check out our van mont systems or I can help you build your own.


to clarify it’s outs only

The only way to look at these jobs is by time. Pane counts and measurements will just complicate the bid.

Take each side of each building and time it in 15 minute increments. Example : front - 1:15 hr, left side- 0:30 hr, back 2:00 hr, right side- 0:45 hr

Take that math and bid between 75-125 per man hour.

Look at the different variations and give yourself some cushion.

This is also a good opportunity to figure out your operating cost. Look at your monthly expenses from 2015 and take the first 3 months of the season, March, April, May; print your bank statement and highlight all of the expenses in your business from gas, insurance, equipment, etc. then devide that number by how many days a month you work. This is not an exact science, but will get you a ball park figure until you dig in deeper.

Take this number and compare it to what you try and shoot for on gross profit per day.

At lions share, I want to get between $500-850 per man per day while cleaning windows.

If I look at a building that will take one day for 2 guys, I know we will make the money I expect based off our daily operating cost if the building is bid between $1000-1700

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I like to do pane count and time estimate. I would be between 1000-1500 may be 1700 if it had to be done after regular work hours.

thanks for info so far very helpful…

ok for time estimates outs only
image 1729 has 73 top 62 bottom how many man hours wfp___ladder_____??

2 min each per top and 1 min each for is about 3 man hours = $300
what thinkest thou?