Commercial Water Spigot

Hi Bill I am very interested in the DI tank however I noticed the commercial buildings I go to do not have your traditional water spigot like a residential home has. Instead they have these water lines in the ground where you remove a round plastic cover and the water line is exposed with some sort of water spigot where you need to have a special piece of equipment to hook it up to your hose. Any idea as to what this attachment is called and where you can buy one? Also any help on how to use it?

Hi Hippie,

I’m not sure what attachments would be needed to connect to an a commercial spigot but I would recommend a water pressure regulator to keep the pressure at a constant 45 psi. Any higher and you could be rushing water through your resin too fast and not removing all the minerals.

Hey Hippie as Alex stated a water pressure regulator would be helpfull…

If I understand you correctly you should be able to just plug a standard hose right into it.

You may need one of these:

Those are basically the irrigation system taps. You have to get a ‘key’ that allows you to quick connect into those lines. Go to an irrigation supply company and talk to them about tapping into those lines. You will want to be sure and learn which colors mean what. There are purple, yellow, and maybe others out there. Some are grey water which is not good for pure water systems. Most if not all come out at extreme pressures, so a regulator is neccesary.

A picture of that ( “thing” and key) will be helpful. I do have some commercial accounts with no (apparent) water source. It will be nice to take my WFP without having to worry about setting up a tank, pump and all that jazz.

If you are talking about a brass quick connect, find out what size and maybe brand. I have worked on golf courses a lot. Rainbird is a company that I think would make them. They run about $50.00 or more a piece and may or may not be compatible with one another. If you go to a larger building see if you can contact someone in the building maintenance department, they may let you borrow one if they have one.

Alberto E.:slight_smile:

So you get the key and put the hose on. Let it run for a while !! Lots of crap is in the line !! You don’t want it in your system !! Do you know the tds in your area ?? Stan, pro window kleening

Here ya go.

Above is the link (hope it works) of a diagram of what you would need
parts 7,8,9 make up the valve key assembly. I remember some keys are set up with parts 7 & 9 as one solid piece of brass. There is also a 90 degree elbow that swivels that fits on top of part 7 make life easier. The elbow may need a reducer to hook up to your hose.

Albert E.:slight_smile:

I took this picture today from a crew using the wfp at a commercial building and this is a shot of their direct link up to the water system, is this the same device for hooking into the water line or different?

Also here is their DI tank this is all they had and a wfp. Any idea as to what type of tank this is in terms of size and who might have made it.

please see my reply below

Thats a 1 cubic foot tank.
Thats the equivalent of 10 gallons of resin.

What about the device used to attach to their water source, do you know what that is called and where to get one?


Im not sure what the device is from there water source to the tank. But this is what attaches the hose to the tank:

Mr. Hippie

Was the cover/cap over the irrigation hook up purple if so that most of the time is grey water/non-potable. The development I lived in, used purple caps the water came from a irrigation ditch that ran into a retaining pond then was pumped from the pond to the development sprinkler system. Only good for plants and grass, the water was pretty funky stuff. On the golf courses they use white or yellow quick connect valves the first course I worked at had a well they pumped out of well (older very high end course), the other course had a few retaining ponds the would pump out of(dump of a course). This stuff was not city water for sure. The pic of that thing coming out of the ground you posted may be something homemade. Higher Ground posted what a quick connect valve looks like, you just see the top cap that flips up every thing else is in the ground some times on the surface or in an irrigation box. Then the key picture on my second post/link from rainbird parts 7,8,9 is what you hook your hose to and insert the key to the valve and turn. I will see if I have an old key around the house and post a pic if I find one. If you find out the mystery valve is let us know.

Alberto E.

This is a bent nose garden valve nothing crazy or outrageous all you will need is a valve handle and you should be able to get one at any garden center or plumbing supply house.

Yeah the cover I think was purple however this was taken in the middle of a commercial area covered with 5 story commerical buildings for miles around so very developed area. I know they reuse unfiltered water here for the surrounding vegetation so that is a possiblity. These window washers were using it however on a 4 story building.