Community submissions

We have added a new section to our store, called community submissions.

Community Cards - Print

If you have a document or mailer you would like to sell and have featured in our store please contact me and we will get you listed.

How it works:

You submit something, we review and let you know if we would be interested in featuring it, if so you set your price. We put it up for sale and keep 75% of the price you set. You give us your paypal email address and every single time one of your pieces sells, the system automatically deposites your cut into your account.

What the hell!! why do you guys take such a big cut??

Because we do all the work! We feature it in our store that gets thousands of daily visitors, in our news letter list, on the forum, and on our facebook. + we eat all the administrative fees, server bandwidth fees etc… All you need to do is put out a sick piece and sit back and relax. well handle the rest.

Have something you would like to sell? hit me up.


This is a great Idea.

I’m wondering why we didn’t think of this 10 months ago =P.

Oh and our friend Seth Mr Window has submitted the first 6 pieces… Seth is a starving college student, check out his nice work:

Community Cards - Print

Thanks Chris!

I really do appriciate all of what you have done for my own business and the WC community as a whole!

PS: I also take donations to offset my starvation issues.

Cool idea!

Just thought of something. Will only one copy be sold in a service area. Basically, will my competition be able to buy my ads?