Compact RO/DI

The only thing holding me back from RO was having enough space in my vehicle. This looks super compact. Anyone getting one of these?

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Yeah, that looks pretty cool. It’s like the ettore system size wise, but if they keep it like the wash-it then being able to buy resin and filters without having to buy a complete housing, then that will be sweet.

i’d like to know it’s price and the price per gallon

Compact size is nice but having 2 smaller ROs decreases the production of pure water and drastically drives up the replacement cost when you need to replace the ROs.

1 40" RO can cost anywhere from $350 - $500. 2 21" ROs can cost $350 each.

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But with two smaller ones wouldn’t you get better flow? Basically sucking two straws versus one?

Not typically, no. 1 larger 40" RO will make more water.

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You want a compact RO/DI system, have a look at the EZ Pure, the original small system. Its only $999, its made in the US and there are replacement parts and filters here in the US, not China.


We looked hard at switching the XERO Pure to a smaller 2 membrane design. The maths just dont work though. Water production goes down & price goes up.


I’m running out of a Nissan Cube, and the only thing that would fit is the Unger single or double stage (which would sit on the passenger seat). TDS where I live ranges from 58-280 (foothills to eastern plains, CO), so a carbon, RO/DI system would be optimal. I can’t find a system that is compact, yet has all those features. I found a product from a local distributor that has all the features, and fits on my ladder rack, but it reminds me of a home-made missile penis type thing.

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That EZ Pure Alex referenced above will be your best bet then. Its a solid system especially at that price.

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Old video but the product hasn’t changed, you can see how small it is.

I’ll take a look at that system. I want to support your business as yourself and the community you’ve built on this platform have helped me grow and gain knowledge, especially for big purchases. Looks like a lot of filtration. Can the RO and DI be run separately, or does the water have to push through every filter? Are there complete kits for it? I’ll give you guys a call later.

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This system is made to run both RO and DI together. I suppose you could bypass the DI but its made to run RO/DI.

I’m here to help

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Do you guys have the cart for it? Those suckers are heavy.

For the EZ Pure? Not currently but I think Shawn is working on something. They do work better if they can be mounted upright, less of a chance of channeling.

What’s the replacement costs for the Ettore vs the small reach it?

EZ Pure, carbon good for 6 months, $120
EZ Pure, DI change as needed $120
ROs, $4509 each

The Reac-iT… who knows its not even available.

Ok great thank you

The Xero Pure’s may not look so compact, but if you’re at all handy you could easily modify it (remove handle, wheels, etc.) to fit in your car.


How tall is the unit without the cart? I’m trying to fit into a Kia Soul. I have 4 ft in length