Company cell phones

Is anyone here using a paperless software system, and has employees? We are looking at going paperless, and I think that most of our cleaners will be fine with their smartphones, but it’s probably still a good idea to have a couple phones or tablets available for the times that a cleaner has lost or broken their phone, or has no data. I’m definitely not interested in providing 15 company phones.

Just curious if anyone else is paperless with employees, and how you handle the required devices.

ServiceMonster has 2 separate apps, one for management and one for staff.

Let them use their own phones. If someone messes up, you can lock them out of change their credentials in a few clicks.

Additionally, don’t let your employees use personal emails for business purposes. If and when they leave they will have too much access to sensitive data. I use GSuite for email, and pay the $12 a month per employee to retain control over everything.


Hey Dave: Yes, we are completely paperless, and guys use their phones. A couple managers do have company phones. We put chargers for each type of phone in each truck, and have had surprisingly few situations where they can’t fill out their reports and forms on phones. We have everybody put a shortcut to our company INTRANET sites to link to all forms and reports, and another to our company safety and training intranet site. We also keep two computers at a crew desk in the shop, if they need to use them at the end of the day for reports. But 99% of the time it’s done remotely from their phone. Going 100% paperless was a real game changer. Go for it



i have been using the customer factor for several years.

pc or phone or tablet, unlimited users, handles jobs, schedule, employee hours (with gps) for jobs and day and commissions. invoicing, online or cc payment, bulk email, much much more.

employee uses own phone

employee permissions are set individually by me.

How many employees do you have running on The Customer Factor? It’s one of the programs that I’m evaluating, but it’s hard to tell how it would handle 400 recurring jobs every week.

i’m pretty small i have only had up to 6 but tcf is unlimited users and i am not aware of any limitations on customers or jobs.
jobs can be attached to particular crews or not.