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Hey guys, so I’m trying to pick a company name. I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve decided… mostly. It is somewhat generic but it is Clear View. Now the part I cannot decide is should it be Clear View if the Carolinas Window Cleaning or Clear View Window Cleaning of the Carolinas? It would go by Clear View. Which one do you guys think? Is it too long? Thanks for the help!

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I’ve heard of at least 2 companies with that name. 1 is here in Canada with a K, so your good there but the other I’m not sure. Make sure your legally allowed to use it.

The 2 long ones are too long, IMO.

Okay, thanks for input. What do you think about Clear View of the Carolinas? I’ve checked and I’m good to go legally with of the Carolinas in the name with it

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How about “Carolinas Clear View”? Good alliteration and not too wordy for business cards & shirts.

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That’s a better version of the name and the more I say it to myself, the more I like it!

I like that a lot! Thanks for your input. I just want to make sure I get it right

What about CaroClina? Or CaroCleaner?
CaroClean? CleanerCarolina??

You are asking for honest feedback right ? So Have you considered other, more original names ? It’s pretty common all over the country. I just Googled Clearview for North and South Carolina and many already exist. Wouldn’t you want your name to be unique to you and stand out as your brand ? Here in Ohio there are about 10 Clearviews in about a 150 Mile Radius from where I operate.

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@JamesP Yeah, I’m kinda with them on this one. Not that the name is bad, but it does seem pretty generic. I don’t know what your last name is, or what kind of a person you are, but maybe you can pull inspiration or a name out of something that you find interesting. Anything can work, really, as long as you market it in an interesting way. I always like to think that as long as you don’t choose a really bad name, you will create what that name stands for rather than the other way around. If you wanted to call yourself “Squeegee Clean” or “Waffle Windows” and you become well known and develop a reputation then you’ll be all good. (Obviously those are silly names, but you get the idea) In other words, I think that picking something that sounds appealing, maybe has a ring to it, maybe has a specific reference to windows, maybe not, and then do everything you can to associate good work, great service, and happy customers with that name. Think about Luke the Window Cleaner (on youtube if you happen to not know who that is). He calls himself “Knight” window cleaning, nothing fancy, but definitely pretty original. I myself thought for a brief moment about calling my business “Pane In the Glass window cleaning” but, for obvious reasons did not go with that ;D. Instead I went with my nickname and simply called myself “Ike’s Window Washing”. I created an image for myself, I speak kindly to my customers, they all know my name, and there is a familiarity with the name Ike that they all have and I just kind of made the name mean something to my customers. Something simply and snappy that customers remember is probably more important than having the greatest pun in the world as your business name. Anyway, I wrote WAY too much, I tend to be very long winded! :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck to you!

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Charlotte Window Cleaning, very simple, you’ll be found on google easily, and you can claim to be charlottes offical window cleaner

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Wow. I lost $30 reading that when I should be working :-).
‘Ike’s Window Washing’ sounds cool. If you work with your wife like @Luke or @Trad-Man do you could be Ike and Tina !

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Haha! Sorry about that! ;D Not married yet, but I certainly would try to get her on board! Tina? Are you making a pun? I Cantina, as in Star Wars? ;D

Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback. So I’ve got a couple more I’m thinking about. Squeegee Clean Carolinas. Clear View of the Carolinas. A New View Carolinas. What do you guys think about those?

Where in NC are you located? Just curious. I’m also in NC

No. Ike and Tina Turner.

Probably before your time but here it is…

I think that those names are all fine! But here’s my two cents. Choose a name that, A) you like B)Sounds snappy or catchy C)encompasses you and what you stand for. After you have done that, it’s up to you to bring your name the meaning you want it to have. Your dress, your attitude, your work ethic, all of that is under your name. You could have the best name in the world, but without the reputation and work to match, that won’t matter. So I think if you choose a name that you like and that you can work under and make your own then you are on the right track. :slight_smile: Good luck!


Ooooooh! Hahaha! No, I definitely know who they are, just not the first thing to come to mind! Yeah, that could probably work, I suppose. ;D Here is what my marketing is looking like right now, this is the style that my car magnets (I have a kia soul), business cards, ect have, and my uniform is basically what’s in the picture here, hickory stripe overalls and a white polo, it seems to be working great for me! :slight_smile: My girlfriend is a graphic designer, so she actually has done all my designing. :blush:

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@SteveEngland @Parker1751 oops, replied to the wrong person. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry

I think you can still find something more unique. Don’t be afraid to just play around and experiment with random words. Do some free association wordplay with a friend or significant other.

That’s basically how I came up with my current name. Just started shooting cool sounding words back and forth with a couple buddies of mine. When we found a couple names we liked, we started doodling possible logos. After a half hour or so, we had the beginnings of what you see in my avatar pic above. It felt a little silly at first, but it grew on me, and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments from customers on the logo/name combo. Several have even asked if it was a franchise, or suggested that I should consider franchising.


I’m in the Charlotte area. I will be doing work in both north and South Carolina though