Company Org Chart

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I skimmed it and it has great content I think will be very helpful for people looking to gain clarity in their growth.

I’m out of the field, have an office manager, and 4 trained technicians. 1 tech I’m moving into full time sales to book the other 3 solid.

Just as a community service I thought I’d update you guys on my Org Chart process, and how I’m working on streamlining communication between different titles to free up my time so guys aren’t calling me.

My goal is to have a hierarchy of problem solving so there’s filters before a problem reaches my desk. My employees are all great guys, but they’re still unclear and or at times forget who to communicate with, so their default is me.

PRO TIP: Depending on the experience level of the technician, if they have experience but call you out of habit when they run into a problem, try not answering the phone/text for 15-30 minutes. I’ve found guys resolve problems on their own quite well, like I’m very pleased with how they resolve problems when I circle back around with them. If it seemed like they could have done better I follow up with circumstantial questions to help them think in a broader sense to weigh their options.

I’m going to aim to keep you all posted on how the development of my Org communications system goes. Wish me luck!


Nice. I would like to get to your spot eventually