Company Swag?

Do you purchase promotional products to give to employees or customers?

Whats on your wish list?

Where do you like buying promo products?

I like giving high value customers nice pens that I had made. I can’t remember where I got them done right now.

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@stevefischgrund Has the hookup on all sorts of great swag!


Oh I sure do!
@Jill_Okun is our promotional items extraordinaire here in the printing department. You guys should chat with her.

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@Frozone I live for promo items. We have literally thousands of items for you to choose from. We can discuss it further, if you would like!

oh yeah! I forgot you guys do more than just printing! lol

I’m thinking about possibly doing ice scrapers, and windshield sun reflectors or whatever those things are called that block the sun on the front windshield

Hi, we have a few options for ice scrapers:

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Sunshades are pretty basic, not many options there. let me know if any of these can work for you!

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