Interesting thing just happened…A gentleman messaged my Business Facebook page asking if I am Insured. Now, here is the fun part…He’s my competition…He actually owns a decent size “handy man” service, doing Window Cleaning, Power Washing, Awning Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning. Also owns a Laundromat…I know who and to what extent my competition is…I did my homework LOL

I do not believe he knows that I know who he is and that he owns a window cleaning business…hell, he may even be on this forum! I can say with certainty, that I am no danger to his business as I am just starting out and I’m limited in what I offer…However, I do not plan to be new and small for long!..The way I see it,there’s plenty of Home service offerings to go around. I also do not intend on undercutting his company price wise…that’s not how I roll.

What would you all make of his question…if I have Insurance?..digging to see how serious I am about what I do? or looking for a way to turn people away from my company?

Send no answer and let him stew


why not just answer??

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Possibly asking as a prospect to sub you out for jobs? Sounds like he’s busy enough without window cleaning.


hes likely a loser

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No harm in saying “Yes, I am.”

A couple of years ago some guy messaged me asking if I can clean old style glass that is found on older homes; something about not altering or damaging the glass. After a couple of messages back and forth I just wrote him off as a horses tail end and deleted him.


So you don’t have it down on your web page that you are insured? Why don’t you?

Oversight on my part. I’ll make sure I do put that in there.

Yes, respond, it’s possible he may want you to do some work.

Most people see these businesses as simply that competitors. Networking can be very useful especially as you’re a startup.

He may be able to get you some jobs to fill in your work schedule . Be sure you set the price get what you need out of the jobs.

You will need to provide him with insurance certificate, is that an issue?


A simple yes i am…if he asks nothing else leave him be and think no more of him.


Tell him nobody’s willing to insure you since you drove a lift into the side of a church in Huntsville, Alabama. Just to see his reaction.


I would reply to him to meet in person maybe you can net work with him. I work for two other companies if I get real slow or if they need help on large jobs. We also send each other jobs when we are to busy to take on.

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I replied with a simple…yes,I am…and I have not hear from him again. I think I’ll just sit back and see what happens.