Condo/Apartment Buildings

I am submitting a bid to an HOA for a complex of 5 Building (4 apartment buildings and clubhouse). Exterior only. Total of 565 panes most of which have to be accessed by ladder or climbing onto a balcony, and most of them have some from of paint overspray/splatter. I figured my price based on man hours @ $65/hr x 32 hours. Which comes to $2080 and multiplied 1.5 times to account for paint removal giving me $3120.

There are 51 units which makes it roughly $63/unit.

Anyone out there keen to share some insight? Would love to get my foot in the door with this very large property management company.


How many floors? Seems low regardless. Your assuming you will move your equipment, ladder, go up and down the ladder and clean the windows in roughly 3.25 minutes per pane? Unless they are very clean I would say thats not going to happen. I’d be more around $10 or more per pane due to access issues. I also try to make more per hour than your saying you want, so there is that, but I would increase your price. And if its more than 2 floors I would add in a lift if you can.

3 floors, of apartments on top of a ground level parking garage. So 4 levels.

No lift access due to the amount of trees.

No wfp, paint isn’t terrible overspray but it is on probably 75% of the panes.

Exterior only.

That is definitely low. Time refilling buckets, moving the ladders, running to change razor blad blades, finding out some of the debris on the windows is not coming off like you thought. That would be my price for like a standard cleaning with no construction.

So you multiplied by 1.5 to take into account pain but you didn’t multiply to take into account latter movement and the risk of the job?

That’s why I am here asking. I’ve been cleaning windows for years, for someone else… was never privy to their pricing structure.

Now that I’m on my own I’m looking for advice.

I definitely don’t want to sell myself short, and I don’t want to lowball and ruin the market for other dudes in the area…

I feel like I’m trying to do the right thing, so any real advice would be greatly appreciated

I’m thinking between 5 and 6 k.

I think more around 9k, but then I’m somewhat picky which takes time. You will also need a 40ft ladder which is almost 100lbs and will be a bear to move. I also wouldn’t want this job so I would price high so if I got it, it would be OK.

It’s a risk going off a ladder on a third story to go over a balcony. You need to be at lease $100 an hour so your price is very low. Don’t go by panes but how many days will this take me to clean. $1000 per day should be your guideline but I guess it depends on your market.