Congratulations to our 500th Member!

Even your zip code would win me something? Pant size?

43054 and 34. Hope that helps.

Ooh …nearly

If at first you don’t succeed…

Am I the 500th member or are you just kidding.

Willie Erken

Willie you are User #605

PS… We would love a couple of Wagtails to play with!

If I was the 500th customer it was not clearly spelt out to me nor did I recieve any email, the message at the top of screen just said congratulations 500th member etc, not I was this member! Anyway I hope all is well and I wish you success with the forum.
Willie Erken

Did you register the name cabletnt?

Okay I see how this guy got confused if I did and sure I can send you a couple of Wagtail if you can give feedback, good or bad.

Ok Cool… the wagtails look fun…

Hi Willie, can you give more details on the flipper? What modifications have you made compared to the old? It seems stiffer than the last.

p.s. Congrats on being the 605th member - you win a procurve : )