Congratulations to our 500th Member!

[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=4]Congratulations to our 500th Member!!!

[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=4] Cabletnt
[/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=4]
You win a 18 ft Ionic Pole. If you don’t do watered pole work you are welcome to an equal value trade in our store.

500 Members in just about 6 months… Pretty sweet. Im happy and I hope you are happy with your new pole!


PS. I hope your not a spambot

Chris, That was probably the funniest post I have ever read on here:D!!

Congratulations to Chris and Alex. You have certainly put a lot of time into this venture and I for one, salute you.

I’m blown away by how quickly you grew this forum Chris. First I thought why do you need another forum, but this forum is much more professional than nwcd, though I still check that one out. Then I thought you would never exceed the traffic of nwcd but you seem to have beaten the traffic. Now it seems like in another year you’ll have more members too.

Congrats Chris

Damm I just bought a 30 foot multipole from you guys.

Thanks Steve, Shawn, and Mike P. Well actually Thanks to everyone that has joined and supported Alex and I. Theres no way this would have happened with out everyones valuable contributions.

Its just different than NWCD no better no worse. I still visit NWCD daily and probably always will. When Alex and I were brainstorming the idea for WCR we basically wanted a good mix between NWCD and Garys World. More professional than NWCD and not as firm as World. I think we have achieved that. Thanks everyone!

PS Frunkis … I hope you are enjoying your pole, I actually just bought a 40 footer for myself.

Where is cabletnt? Shouldn’t he be giving a thankyou speech? Or is he a bot?

Chris…if he is a spambot…then can i have the pole? lol I don’t do WFP but i would exchange it for another item lol

Chris, hope you know im kidding on the last post^

Yeah I emailed and PMed the guy. I guess if I dont get a response in a week or so well give it away to someone. How that person will be picked I have no idea.

Now isn’t that funny and sad all at the same time…

How that person will be picked I have no idea.

May I suggest Indian leg wrestling?

Do we get to pick our own Indians?

Will it be an exhibition, or will wagering be allowed?

Shouldn’t you just give it to the 501st person?

I’ve got an idea. A simple drawing. It seems that only members who tune into the forum should be eligible for the prize.

You could make an announcement that there will be a drawing for the unclaimed prize but you have to put your name in the hat by simply responding to the unclaimed prize thread.

I WANT THAT WATER FED POLE!!! :slight_smile:

I Really Need That Water Fed Pole!!! :d

[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=3]Ok so we waited a week and no answer from [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=4][SIZE=3] Cabletnt. On this weeks [B]WCR Nation[/B] we put the top 10 posters name in a hat, and pulled one out.

The pole or the credit goes to Brennon, [B][I]Gofordabukz[/I][/B] from New Albany Window Cleaning.


Congrats Brennon.
Can’t be bad - i-pod, new wfp pole all in a month. Do us a favour, if you do the lottery, can you send me a copy of the numbers for this end? :smiley:

Guys. I haven’t been following this thread, so when Chris PM’d me and told me I won the pole, I told him he made a mistake and meant to send it to the “500th member”. Turns out his loss is my gain.

I’ll be receiving my Reach RO/DI trolley early next week!

Sorry Karlos, no lottery, but this has been a pretty awesome month when it comes to winning stuff!