Considering selling truck/equipment

Throwing around the idea of selling my truck/equipment. Not sure if there would be a market for it all together, or if it should be all parted and sold seperately.

Everything is located in Valley Center, CA (North County San Diego)

Truck is a clean 2004 Ford Ranger 4.0 V6 automatic with 83,000 miles. Has longer 7ft bed. Very good condition, apart from some damage on the bed rails from when i drove the ladders into a parking garage (I’m an idiot). Its mostly hidden by the rack. Always was on top of maintenance. I have all receipts to show.

In the bed I made a pretty slick tank based system for pure water. 65 gal tank with cox reel mounted on custom made mount. Hidden below the reel is a deep cycle marine battery to power the RHG pump and conroller, which feeds the water through the reel and 200 ft of Tucker hose. All you have to do is fill up the tank the night before and charge up the battery and off you go. Trickle charger is mounted to the tool box and battery to make it really easy to charge. Above is 2 pvc tubes to hold the two poles, one for 2 story work, and one for one story work.

Everything in the photo is included. Would like to get $12,000 for it all.

Below is a general list of what is included. All equipment was purchased brand new within the last year.

-UWS Toolbox and clamps to mount with ladder rack

  • Ladder rack and 5 aluminum ladders. 24’ with equalizer, 20’ with adjustable legs, 16’, 8’ step ladder, 3’ step ladder
    -Tucker Carbon Fiber 35 ft pole
    -CLX 10ft pole with Hybrid Tucker Brush
    -Cox reel with 200 ft of tucker hose and custom mount
    -battery, battery box, and trickle charger, all wired up, connected and waterproofed for efficient use/charging
    -65 gal tank with connections to pump and mountings
    -RHG 1.4 gpm Wireless On/off Controller and Pump
  • IPC screen washer and 50ft of hose
    -Xero pure with new resin
    -Miscellaneous hand tools, which were kept in the toolbox. Towels, couple of different squeegees, excelerator with 10’ pole, bucket, belt with everything set up for traditional work, hand vac, spray bottles, shoe covers, t bar sleeves, etc.

Nice work very good looking set-up …

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Dang, 12k? Around here just the truck would be 10k. Nice set-up. Sounds like a great deal. Wish I had the money and could drive to CA.

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Nice setup. Do you have any clients you want to sell?

Don’t give up @Scotty.

Put that gear to work for you.



My client list isn’t all that great. Thats why I figured I’d do sort of an asset sale, rather than try to sell the business as a whole.

Scotty what’s your phone number



Looks like a good price for a turn key operation. Ideal for somebody starting out or making a big upgrade.

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Don’t give up @Scotty.

Put that gear to work for you.

Concur. The more I look at and read about all of your equipment, the more I realize that you put a lot of effort into building an efficient operation.

Sounds like you just need some help with marketing. Lots and lots of threads on here that have marketing tips plus the book by @Chris Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint is a great resource with very specific techniques.

Hang in there!


Why are you considering bailing?

Had a rough couple months, and ran out of money. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that my potential is far greater financially compared to the way things have been.

I’ve been living/working in a very rural area, and thought that there was enough work to support myself, but it no longer appears so. I was doing ok driving into other cities, but I just couldn’t take the driving.

Anyways… what is this an intervention?! Haha. :slight_smile:

I know you all mean well.


Maybe :wink: | We only ask because we care. The window cleaning business can be very rewarding. Lots of income potential and a lot of other perks.

Ahh the summer slowdown got you. Well if it helps - things always start to pick up this time of year and you can stay busy all the way up to the end of the year.

Yea… that might kill it for me as well.

Well any way good luck & we are here if you need us.