Considering window cleaning

Good Day to you all!!
I am a new candidate that is considering getting into window cleaning service.
I am looking @ you folks and your wisdom to help assist in my choice, steps to take, what to start with for equipment, and how do you all feel about the female sex getting into this field?
I am in Ontario Canada, I am seeking out other window cleaning services for pricing , but I do know I am a very small fish, but I think if the start become viable I would consider more options, as @ this point I am looking @ only new residential areas being built up, here in my area , they are going up like wild fire.
how do you folks work in rain or crappy weather? Or do you? is there an etiquette of hours to work during week weekends?
I am looking into just the two of us doing this, for now.
I will be reading on with the other posts you all have put on here , but if any of you would like to introduce yourselves, HEY-EH!? lol
Looking forward to chatting with you all as time goes on.
Have A Great Day!!


There are a lot of female owners out there so no worries. It does give you an advantage in houses because homeowners feel more comfortable with females.

There have been a lot of recent threads about bad weather, pricing, and equipment.

For me, I don’t do nights or weekends. But everyone is different.

If you have specific questions everyone is happy to help!

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Thanks for ur introduction.
Where is ur biz loacated? I had put out there about unifirms shirts stlyles fabrics etc.
And yes how bad of weather chiice todo windows or not. That includes the nice sunny blistering hot days.
What is a good approch to starting a flyer to get out ther. A website? Etc?
Thanks gor ur imput
Many chatts

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Welcome to the forum. The search button will become a close friend to you.

Theres so many way to market yourself, Fliers and website are a few good way to start.

Good Luck out there!

Its a brilliant business to get into - but it does require a huge amount of effort and dedication for the first few years building up a customer base & a steady source of income,… if you have the determination, its pretty hard to fail!

My advice would be to stop thinking about equipment, weather, pricing etc etc and spend a week focusing on what marketing works in your area and for your target audience. If you can get your marketing right & get enough work coming in each week you’ve overcome the biggest hurdle already & all the other details will fall into place.

For marketing I would suggest some door hangers or nice flyers, those seem to work nice for residential.

side note join WCRA and take advantage of the marketing pieces and edit service if you aren’t photoshop savvy

Always have business cards on you, even when I’m not working I keep a few in my pocket and always have a box of them in the truck.

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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