Consistent Pricing Reccomendations

I’m starting a new business in the greater Houston area, any suggestions to keep pricing consistent? $1.50 for outside cleaning of each window seems to be a good price. Need to know if I am charging too much or too little

so if i want 1 window done it’s a dollar fifty and if i want 100 done it’s $150

my prices vary from 2.75 ish to $8 or so for out only.

First off make sure to introduce yourself on a thread so we can get to know you a bit!

Second, lots of factors influence price. Your income and per hour goal (shouldn’t be too high if you are new), size of glass, frequency of clean, what is being cleaned (frames, tracks/screens for residential), line of business (storefront, residential, commercial) access (ladder, furnitur, etc), having to move/use a ladder is an upcharge, and level of dirt if you feel that needs to be an upcharge as well. There are others I’m sure I’m forgetting, but that’s most of the important ones. There are multiple good threads that you should read through.

to get consistency i use quoteflare to build packages so almost anyone can get an accurate price online, staff or customer

Hope your talking storefront ?

me? if so no i am almost all residential.

No the OP . 1.50 for storefront is good , for residential it’s not.



You’ll soon realize that PPP fails with storefront rather quickly. Be sure to incorporate minimums, so as to offset the pitfalls of PPP.

Here’s why you may use PPP initially but soon abandon ship.

Storefront has many factors that PPP does not account for - amount of pole work, level of filth, direct sun, tables against glass, obstacles, consumer foot traffic, to name a few, type of business (fast food restaurant vs clothing retail, for example.

You may find yourself relying on your “gut” after awhile, as your brain takes all the factors of difficulty into consideration and blends them with your sense of the market as well as past experience.

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