Construction clean, tempered glass

Hey guys I have a construction clean Monday with a lot of tempered glass. Looking for some tips to get paint, silicone, etc. off of the glass without scratching, obviously. What have you found is the fastest way?

I use 0000 steel wool a lot, don’t use carbon blades, only 1,5" blade and only where needed, sort strokes on wet glass.
I don’t think there’s a fast way of doing construction cleans if you are not scratching glass and doing quality work.

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Oil Flo dissolves paint—Mr Clean magic pads take off silicone (if not too thick)…no scratches…


Did you try using a blade? Not all tempered glass will scratch. Some will only scratch on one side. Then there is that Old Castle glass that scratches if you look through it too much.

Man I dislike jobs that you cannot use a blade, so much more work. all the ideas above are great. Price accordingly and get a scratched glass waiver.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I finished it on Tuesday. It was a new storage facility. Man some of those windows were really difficult to get to not much room to fit and I’m a skinny guy! Anyways the windows and doors that were tempered only had the fd on one side so I could scrap the inside on them. It went well overall and turned out great!

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