Construction cleaning of windows

say you had a 2 story house and 80 windows and all the windows had paint on them what would you chrage there are like store front glass and you have to clean frames and tak paint off the windows and frame and it took 32 man hours

How much do you want to earn per man hour for this type of work? Will your local market play any part in your pricing?

BTW, did you use customer education and a heat-treated glass waiver?

not sure what would you charge

My rural West Coast market probably differs from your Tampa market. My pricing shouldn’t matter to you (besides, I can’t see the project, and CCU work deserves a comprehensive inspection to determine my pricing.)

I can’t tell from your post if you’re trying to bid on this work, or if you’ve already completed it (the 32 man hours part…)

Are you already a professional window cleaner? If the answer is “yes” then are you comfortable with your maintenance pricing? Isn’t this more labor than your maintenance cleaning? Shouldn’t you then – logically – charge more?

I’ll throw a number out there because it sounds like your are looking for a sanity check…Say your regular per window price is $10, for CCU with paint on every window you may consider double the cost per window which would be $20. That would be $1600 for 80 windows and works out to $50/hour at 32 man hours. That would seem reasonable to me. Of course if you already know it will be 32 man hours than you can charge by your desired hourly…if you already did the work and it took 32 man hours hopefully you met your hourly goal but sometimes a CCU can take longer than expected. Good luck.

yes the job is already done and it had to be done at the late last min. I have not done a like of construction clean on windows

What is your hourly goal per man hour for non-construction cleans?

i would say 20hr

20 per hr is not enough. you cant put gas in your truck ,pay insurance and licensing and then expect to make any money much more than minimum wage at a hourly goal of 20 per hour. To hit 20hr you need to be while cleaning windows in the 40 to 50 per hour range in order to pay for all the above plus advertising, down time, drive time, bookkeeping ect, to clear 20 pr hour.

I had a strange feeling reading this post, you were going to say something along this range. I read some of your other posts and it seems you have no idea how to price out. My advice to you is keep on pricing jobs. When you get to the point where you can’t operate your business anymore, you’ll figure it out pretty quick. As stated here already. At those rates you can’t be operating legally. It’s near impossible. Well I should not say that. I mean hey if your comfortable making $8 per hour after paying your overhead, then yeah you can operate legally at those prices.

What is your profession?

Well most people can not do it at 20 dollars a hour. But as am building my company I work a full-time job . Plus I own all my tools and vehicle and I put all the money back into the company . I have very low over head and I do not advertise word of the mouth is much better. There are a lot of bigger companies here that there price per window is way lot lower then mines all the time. They make there work on volume. Am still new to bidding on window cleaning in this mark it.

In fl there are a lot of window cleaning companies. I have price many jobs and the bigger companies get the job a lot cause they are bigger. What are most the window companies charging per window or hour rate

What I recall from reading on this forum is usually $40 and up, way up over $100/hr for some.

wow real what are the other guys or ladies in fl get on windows. Any body in fl getting that price rang of 40 and up a hour for 2 stories I thought that price rang was only for repel work that price range