Construction Cleanup Bid

Putting in a bid on this house and wanted to get some feedback on how to price it. It’s all one level, so no ladder or pole work needed. There are 200 panes of glass, and all will need scraping/steel wool, sticker and film removal, and possibly some liquid hammer etc if we can’t scrape. I always seem to get in over my head on these jobs so I’m trying to up my prices beyond what I’m comfortable with. I was thinking somewhere around $2000 for everything; what do you guys think?

Also I have worked with this builder several times before, they are great to work for and always pay, so that is not a concern.

Simple CCU mathematical solution = regular price x 2.5 (or 3 if bad) = price.


Your $2k bid seems fair from my perspective. A solid work day worth of work. Good Deal! #WeWorkin