Construction cleanup /Waterfed pole

I have a10000 square foot house to bid on construction cleanup. ninety windows the builder says they cleaned off stickers already, but he says a lot of them have the suction cup marks on them. I haven’t looked at it yet. being that a lot of them are fixed panes and don’t open if they are too high I don’t want to scrape them with the waterfed pole and scratch them. is there a cleaner I can mop or brush on with the pole and rinse off. Appreciate any advice thx

I’ll give you some advice… DONT DO A CCU WITH A WFP!!!
it’s a terrible approach my friend. As a WFP user myself I will admit there are great opportunities to use the WFP and increase speed, safety, and $$$$$. But with CCU Nose to glass is the answer.

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thanks for the input hopefully these aren’t too high for my ladder

i agree with brandon. and when the builder tells you “they already took the stickers off” that could mean they did it well, they did it but did a bad job, they didn’t do it at all, or they actually put extra stickers on just to mess with you.

sometimes you just gotta look at it.

and it may also mean they have scratched them in the process, and they are looking for a scapegoat to pin the blame on.

They took the stickers off, but there’s still glue residue somewhere on some glass that you need to clean. A WFP won’t get that off.

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