Construction Cleanup

Hey y’all, I just wanted to pick the collective brain of this community-I have had a large number of requests for new construction cleanup jobs recently, I have a fairly reliable method for accurately bidding these jobs but I would like to know what you all like to consider or think about when bidding and doing these types of jobs,

bidding/cleaning, liability waivers, etc

Just say no!


This! Why deal with preexisting scratches, call backs, terrible slow work when you can run around with a waterfed pole for $110 to $175 hr if you price right and are skilled.


99% chance I won’t do anymore CCU’s but if I would I would carry around a garbage bag to toss the excess crap into.

I had a bad review cause we missed some plastic film and left it on the customers property.

But when you’re doing a CCU in the winter and it’s cold, windy, and gets dark early you might miss some :roll_eyes:

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I quoted $1200 for in and out ccu 10k sq feet house, I just charged equivalent to a day rate-i have had people flip out about scratches in the past but now take I take a photo and damage assessment of each window before cleaning and have a no scratch liability waiver/contract that the homeowner has to sign before we start-the scratches are almost always from the contractor side

Seems like you have a good handle of the risk.

Dealing with the risk of discovering scratches and having owners dispute and argue with us about our findings are not worth our time, given our volume. This may be an opportunity for you to go where many are afraid to venture!