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Hello fellow WC’RS.
I have recently put up a website, and am having trouble with the code for a good contact page. I set up the website myself and couldn’t find a way to create any icons or boxes for my contact page. I want to know how to set up a page with icons and those rectangular boxes so the customer can input there information inside of them. I am looking for a clean-cut and easy way to do this. I’m sure i need some kind of coding format or html.

I am not really good at this kind of stuff, and don’t really have the money to pay someone to do it for me.

Does anyone know how to input this kind of code to make my contact page ?
Do i need certain software for this, or can this be done simply in my admin page??:confused:

I appreciate all the help on this.


In order to do this properly you will need to find out what type of server software is supported. Usually PHP, ASP, CGI Or PERL. They may even be able to help you put together a simple form for your customers to fill out.

I use PHP on my site. When folks need an estimate they fill out my form on my estimate page and the submit goes to a file call mail.php and this file acts like a little program that will send me the form as well as send the potential customer a little confirmation and “thank you for filling out my form.”

Check out my estimate page then look at the source code. Everything between <form> and </form> should give you a hint of what’s going on.

Thanks for your reply… So i should ask my Host provider for this information?
Im not sure what server software im running.

Is there any way to see which one im using? How?

With a lot of trial and error i built a standard website(only took 2 weeks), and never could find out how to do this on my estimate page. Im losing some business without this.
I appreciate all your help!
Thank you!

It might be useful for quite some people in here.

If you would like the easiest form builder that even a 3 year old can do it contact me…

wait, i will just give the url

forms made simple…

Ohhh, and it is free tooooooooo

No programing skills required

Oooo bookmarked!

it’s awaesome ha Mark?

I don’t mind hand coding html but this tool is awesome!

Still, it does pay to also learn how to do this yourself. If anything goes wrong, it’s good to know you can fix it.

Awesome Site!:smiley:
Thanks Man!
I appreciate all you guys help.

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Your right it is good to know you can fix it…im still learning, and l will continue to try to understand how to code and create for my site.

Thanks Mark!

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Thanks for the website…good stuff there.

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