Contor POS broke

Matt wanted to try out my contour thingy crap.

I told him over the phone that guys were reporting how easy and often they broke. He seemed skeptical…as he was adjusting the handle…it snapped. :slight_smile:

Yep they do that!

Call Ettore and they will replace it for you free of charge: 1-510-748-4130

I know you didnt buy it from us but:

If they give you a problem ( I doubt they will)

Let me know and I will take care of it for you.

what a POS!
Phil gave it to me and I liked the fact it took some force to make it go back to 0 degree, but then I was trying to reset it to normal position and SNAP!!! “opppsss, glad this isn’t your favorite tool”

I just got so excited to play with it for the day :frowning:
Wish they made that center area aluminum…

Lifetime guarantee, Chris?

I had one that was given to me in Nashville and I liked it but it didn’t last very long, and at $25, I wasn’t eager to replace it.

Ive never heard them use the term life time guarantee but I do know they are proud to stand behind there products. There was also a whole round of them that got released when they first came out that broke.

do they make you send back the old broken contour?

I dont believe so… But im not positive.

I know how you feel. I broke my first contour handle also. I really like the Ettore product line so I decided to give them a second chance. I am very careful now when I change from zero degree back to the regular angle. I don’t think I will break another one now that I know I have to be careful, because it’s a POS. I also do not use it all the time. I usually have my 5 inch blade in it. The larger blades are used only when I really need the special features of this tool.

I have about 10 Contour handles and I broke the first one I got before the Nashville convention. When I told them at the Ettore booth they gave me a new one and asked me to send the old one back (they reimbursed me for the postage) when I got home. I had one more break 1 year later and just replaced it. It’s still my favorite. I had a few Sorbo handles and the release lever kept breaking. That to me is a pain. The benefit of having two handles in one outweighs the difficulty of broken handles.


I think Tony meant the old one… if not that would be pretty silly.

If ettore replaces it, that does make a statement.

I have tools break from time to time…no biggy. It was just funny to me how it happened seconds after i handed it to matt…he was not trying to tear it apart…he was simply adjusting the position and BAM it simply snapped.

The look on his face was priceless. For replacement, there is mastercard.

Yeah, sorry Matt. I fixed it! Having a senior moment I guess.:confused:

It’s Ok, I forgive you :smiley:

NO! Just call them ! (during office hours of course) they will get your name and address and send you a newer, improved stronger model as soon as they are ready off the production line. Supposedly this will be in mid november. I cant wait to get my replacement !:smiley: The Contour Pro + was my favoite handle. I just wish they would hurry:(

man thats is awesome. i got kinda turned off by them breaking but they are without a doubt awesome for alot of things! good info about the replacement too!

how do you think they are going to fix the problem??? I think a aluminum center would do it.

dilithium crystals.

Or Transparent Aluminum.