Contour Pro / Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner


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Excellent video Mark! Gotta love that Contour huh!?

the contour like any new tool, has it’s quarks and does take some time getting use to. But once over that learning curve it’s all gravy…mang

I too like this tool and I keep it in a leg pocket without a channel when I’m doing a job with a wide variety of windows. It also works well with poles. The only draw back I’ve found it this; when swirling a window the spring tension of the handle - which is adustable, which wasn’t mentioned in the video - actually throws off my technique. In a sense, it makes it harder because I have to compensate for the spring tension throughout the swirl even as I’m adjusting my hand pressure on turns and such. If I’m working at a job that has pretty consistent windows that lend themselves to basic swirly technique, I leave this tool in the took box.


You’re right Eric, I did forget to mention about the spring tension adjustment. :o

I tend to keep the tension pretty tight. If I want a 0°, I usually flip and lock into that position.

Is this compatauicksilver or Ettore Super Channel?

There is a separate part number for those – 1012 is for those; 1011 for standard.

AS Larry stated there is a separate one that fits the Ettore super channel. We will have it in stock by next week, Ettore has had them on back order because all the ones in the system have been breaking.

Wish they made one for clip-less channels.

Same here. I would be much more inclined to give it a try if it was a clipless squeegee handle. Actually I was starting to get interested in this tool but one of the posts in this thread talks about how the Contour Pro Plus is not so great while fanning. For me that kinda sucks if it is true.

So any of you guys that have been using the new Contour, does it fan well or is it more geared for straight pulls and specialty situations?

I’ve been using one since they started being sold. I reserved one weeks before they started selling them in fact. I have never had issues fanning w/ them. I’ve used them w/ the tension as tight and as loose as it would go w/ no problems. I used Ettore brass channels, Feathevers, and Ettore super channels in them. Guess it all depends on what your used to.

In Marks video he states that (in his honest opinion) it’s better to just lock the Contour into the 0 degree position if the window is going to be hard to close out. With this in mind, what is the importance of the spring and tension? Mark mentions the moment of uncertainty between no pressure on the handle then applying pressure. Is this a problem? If so, what good is the spring and variable tension?

I may just have to order one and see first hand how this thing handles. But before I do, can the Unger plastic clips be substituted for those awful brass clips? If they can I wouldn’t mind using clips.

Locking it into the 0° when I know I’ll require it to close out is just my liking. For others, they may find using it in standard position to be just fine. Sometimes when pulling down to the ledge I’ll press harder at the bottom and it zeroes out via the spring.

Also, with having the tension set high, I’ve had no problems fanning with it. If the spring tension is too loose and you press hard by nature, one would find it to be a problem.

For the last 3 work days I’ve been using Unger steel channels with it. I take an Ettore brass clip and break it in half and stick it in one side of the channel and I’m good to go. No issues yet.

Has anyone made a DIY conversion to clipless yet?

That might be tough as the lower plate on the Contour is differently shaped than the super system handle’s lower plate. It’s hard to describe but if you could see the way it sits in the handle… Maybe Chris can show the different handle’s lower plates and then we could brainstorm? Hey Chris?!

I use an Unger 14" ErgoTec for resi so It’s good to know that the Unger stainless steel channel will work in the Contour Pro Plus. However, having to break an Ettore brass clip in half is an inconvenience (IMHO). Maybe the Unger plastic clips will work in the ErgoTec channel.

I love my Unger Ergotec 14", Steccone 6" & 8" I’m not looking for a better squeegee because I’m perfectly happy with the ones I have. I’m just curious about this Contour Pro and just may try it out for the fun of it and to settle my curiosity. If I find it to be superior to my current favorites (for everyday use) then I will use it.

I’d still love to hear more feedback from current users of the Contour Pro Plus. My arm has not been twisted quite enough.

I know you’d like to hear from other Contour Pro + users but I’ll leave you with my quick sum up of what I think is the main advantage.

“I love my Unger ergotech swivel squeegee. I also love my Unger 0° swivel squeegee. The Contour Pro feels similar in the grip to the Unger ergotech + you have 2 handy functions in one.”

If anything bad happens to your Ergotech handle, that would be a good time to try out the Contour Pro +.

I love the contour pro! I also use it to train newbies. It is perfect for showing how much pressure is needed. Something I have never been able to show or tell before. Use too much pressure and it flattens out. It has saved me a lot of money and time by not having to be replacing rubber every day or two. I use it in a 0 degree until I get a tall skinny window. A quick unlock and I’m pulling down without needing to switch handles or even take it off the pole. Most of my crew leaders (3 of them) only use the Contour pro while 1 holdout stays with the Unger 0 degree. We all use the ultra light channels from Steccone. I can’t recommend this handle enough. Just so you know I have been cleaning windows for 29 years this month.

it has a learning curve for sure, but after you get the hang of it, it’s a blessing to have a handle that goes to Zero degree, and polling with Zero is actually easier in some cases for me.

I use it for my 14" and 18".I just started about a week ago and now love’em…i recommend at least trying them.

the great thing about WC’ing tools, most don’t break the bank;)

Yes they can - that’s what I use.

I think Craig modified his contour, can’t remember which squeegee he pirated to fit the contour though. I have a feeling it was a Steccone.